MANILA – Director Sid Maderazo is leaving his position as Post-production Partner at 88storey Films. The acclaimed director of television commercials is returning to his directorial roots after more than a decade with the production company.

“After 12 fantastic years as a TV commercial director and partner of 88storey Films , it is with mixed emotions that I announce a big change in my directorial career- I am returning to freelance directing starting today,” Maderazo said in a statement. “Sadly this move requires me to chart a path in a different direction from the company. This is an extremely difficult decision to make, but I’m willing to follow my heart and take a huge risk in order to grow, explore, and experience new challenges in my field as I navigate this rapidly evolving industry. I’d like to thank my partners Cielo (Sanchez), Louie (Araneta), and Mark (Querubin); these three people I learned so much from and will always speak well of. THANK YOU! I also would like to thank the hard working staff and production team at the office, you guys are a big part of my journey. I am extremely grateful and humbled. I wish everyone at 88storey Films continued success and growth.”

“On a positive and sentimental note , I always say this at the end of every shooting day – ‘It’s a wrap, sarap!’” he continued. “Indeed my tenure at 88storey Films was the best, most sarap years of my career. As I close this chapter and open a new one, I now look forward to discovering this new road as a freelance TV commercial and content director with a fresh outlook and renewed passion. Maraming salamat!”

For their part, 88storey stated the following on Facebook on Maderazo’s departure: “After 12 fruitful years, 88storey Films bids farewell to one of its partners, Sid Maderazo, effective September 1, 2017 as he pursues his passions outside the company. It is always sad when a member of your family leaves. Our only consolation is that Sid is comfortable with his decision and deems it as a step forward in his career. Sid has played a great part in the success of this organization. We acknowledge his efforts and thank him for the unconditional commitment and dedication throughout the years. We, his 88 family, would like to wish him the best of success in his future challenges and endeavors.”

“It was so tempting for me to end the announcement with a quote about CHANGE, just to make it light and hopeful,” the social media post went on to say. “I also felt it would sweeten the generic tone it had. There were quite a few nice CHANGE quotes on Google too from Mandela, Socrates, and even Einstein. But there were perplexing ones like, ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes.’ ‘You didn’t come this far to only come this far.’ Ano daw? Wag nalang kaya.”

“Sid wants a change in his life. As the generic announcement said, we’re happy for him. Love, light and peace to you brother! As for the three of us? We embrace the change. ‘Change or die.’ sabi nga ni Tadashi Yanai ng Uniqlo. Well, there are going to be changes! Very good changes. Costs will be one of them. Wink wink. Hehe. As the landscape in our industry continues to change, I believe the only thing that WILL NOT CHANGE is the quality of work and the dependability of 88storey Films when it comes to doing advertising work. Nothing’s gonna change our love for that,” the post concluded.