X marks the spot: ABS-CBN FC wins the tenth adobo Cup

MANILA – On the tenth year of the adobo Cup, it was a media giant that emerged as the big winner. ABS-CBN FC, led by actor/model Daniel Matsunaga, topped Publicis Manila-Nestle FC 3-0 to raise the coveted Dobo Trophy.

With the McKinley Hill Stadium serving as the backdrop for the first time, 22 teams from the advertising, creative, and media industries showed their love for what the world acknowledged as “the beautiful game.”

Angel Guerrero, adobo magazine editor-in-chief and president, opened the festivities by praising the people who had the vision to start the competition a decade ago. “Today, I would like to honor the co-founders of the adobo Football Cup who has taken this unique ad agency football tournament from the first match 10 years ago to where it stands today,” she said. “They are Bixie Reyes, Bob Guerrero, Caloy Sambrano, and Miguel Mercado (who was out of the country). I personally want to express deep thanks to Bixie Reyes, the AFC tournament commissioner for the passion, time, and commitment every single year.”


A somber moment also happened during this June afternoon as the participants paid tribute to the late Mark Dehesa, a fellow football-lover who participated in seven adobo Cups. Mark’s parents and sister lent his jerseys to the organizers for a mini-altar honoring him. The family also appeared to share their memories of Mark on the pitch and lend their support for a tournament that Mark loved competing in.

NuWorks United won Best in Team Spirit

Even though the sky threatened with rain several times, it wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of the football lovers at the venue. In fact, rookie team NuWorks United harkened back to college athletics of yore by bringing in two bass drums to rally their team. It was enough to earn them the Best in Team Spirit award.

Gary Garduce was Best Defender

Junca Detall was best Striker

Other winners included Cignal TV FC for their neon jerseys that earned them Best in Uniform, Alice dela Pena of Forza Havas emerging as Best Female Player, Patrick Mara Mara of Publicis Manila Nestle FC as Best Goalkeeper, Gary Garduce of ABS-CBN FC as Best Defender, Junca Detalla of Go Motion FC as Best Striker, and Daniel Matsunaga winning both Best Midfielder and Most Valuable Player honors. The Pandikdik Award went to new team Grey United FC, the adobo Platito went to Go Motion FC, while third place was awarded to new team Labor of Love.

Grey United won the Pandikdik award

The adobo Platito goes to Go Motion FC

As winner of this year’s cup, ABS-CBN FC will receive a specially curated/customized freezer from event sponsors Beer Below Zero.

Our Beer Below Zero sponsors

The 22 teams that competed at the adobo Cup were:

  1. DDB FC
  2. Group M United FC
  3. Ogilvy United FC
  4. TouchPoint QBF
  5. Vitamin B FC
  6. Cignal TV FC
  7. Go Motion FC
  8. JWT Bolas Grandes
  9. Kapamilya United
  10. McCann United FC
  11. ABS CBN FC
  12. Makina FC
  13. Publicis Manila-Nestle FC
  14. Wunderman FC
  15. Grey United
  16. BBDO Guerrero United
  17. Forza Havas
  18. Dentsu Jayme Syfu
  19. Nuworks United
  20. Labor of Love
  21. TV5 Mediaquest
  22. PJB Warriors

Publicis Manila-Nestle earned the Silver Dobo trophy as first runner-up

Best Midfielder and Most Valuable Player honors went to Daniel Matsunaga

The tenth adobo Cup saw Jollibee as a major sponsor with minor sponsors Gatorade, Heineken, Beer Below Zero, Premier Water and Pilipinas 911, while event partners were CAN Sports, Executive Decisions, and WYD.  

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