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Awards: Outbrain named Native Advertising Platform/Network of the Year at the Native Advertising Institute 2021 Awards

NEW YORK, USA – Outbrain, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising feed for the open web, has been selected by the Native Advertising Institute as the Gold winner of the Native Advertising Platform/Network of the Year.

David Kostman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Outbrain, commented on the achievement: “We’re very excited to have won the award for the Native Advertising Platform/Network of the Year. The events of 2020 have shown that independent publishing and the shift of budgets to native advertising, which supports a stronger user experience, has contributed to our ability to put over $3 billion back into the publishing industry to ensure quality journalism lives on. We’re very excited about Outbrain’s growth and performance over the past year, and that it’s being recognised by the Native Advertising Institute.”

“The jury’s comments were as follows: Outbrain continues to set the bar in native ad technology. They provide seamless integration with both supply and demand to create the ultimate native ad experience regardless of format; truly non-intrusive; and results in 2020 speak for themselves. In a challenging year for publishers, Outbrain has shown how native can be an effective channel for any marketer,” said Jesper Laursen, CEO of Native Advertising Institute. 


In recognition of Outbrain’s effort to successfully create advertising experiences that consumers love, Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch Video Smartad was patented for its design that favors engagement over disruption. Since this remarkable achievement, Outbrain has continued to develop ad experiences that provide better and safer alternatives outside the walled gardens, launching the latest Smartads: Native Awareness+, Carousel and Mobile App Install. 

These Smartad additions to Outbrain’s product portfolio are just some of the latest developments of its awareness and performance solutions that enable marketers to effectively engage their audience in today’s environment, no matter where consumers are in their buying journey. Outbrain’s goal is to strengthen the interaction consumers have with brands, and Outbrain’s Smartads should open the door to the next chapter of digital advertising – one where marketers can provide the right content to the right audiences, in the right way.

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