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Technology: Apple Watch Launches New Ad That Exceeds the Limits of Movement with “Airdancer” Inka Tiito

As light as a feather, Apple soars in their short film for Apple Watch. 
“Flight” is directed by Jonathan Glazer, the mastermind behind films like “Under the Skin”, “Birth”, and AMV BBDO London’s 1999 campaign “Surfer”.  The whimsical production symbolizes how users of the latest Apple Watch Series 4 can experience freedom thanks to its new cellular service—at least that’s what they want us to think. The short film stars “airdancer” Inka Tiitto of America’s Got Talent fame. It premiered during the live broadcast of the Brit awards last February 20. 

The film opens with Tiitto running into the distance as she glances at her Apple Watch. As the height of her steps increase, she’s suddenly lifted into the clouds. She struggles to find her movement with her legs moving in various angles, as if she’s dancing. The wind calms down as she plunges in a mountain lake. Although she was taken to land, air, and water, she remained connected.
According to Apple, their latest innovation on the Apple Watch defies the limits of gravity with users “staying connected in different environments”. 
The company also hosted several Apple Watch events focusing on how the heart is an important aspect of our health. 
Jay Blahnik, Apple’s senior director of fitness for health technologies, said that the Apple Watch motivates its users to take care of their cardiovascular health. “With everything from Activity Sharing to Challenges, the different workouts are available (all right) from the wrist … we hope it will motivate more customers to make regular physical activity a part of their lives.”

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