D&AD opens call for entries for 52nd Awards

LONDON – October 17, 2013 –  The 2014 D&AD Awards has opened its call for entries, with 12 new categories to reflect the changing landscape in creativity, advertising and design.
Tim Lindsay, CEO of D&AD said: “We are hoping to see the work that has set the bar for creativity across design, advertising, mobile, technology and film-making this year. To recognize and reward those who are at the forefront of the business, we have also introduced new categories to accurately reflect the emerging directions for the industry. 
With some of the most talked about campaigns in the past year being those that react in real time to world events, D&AD has introduced a Tactical Advertising category across four Juries: Press, Radio, Outdoor and Digital. 
Campaigns that responded to the news agenda or were created as one-off pieces will be considered in the Tactical Advertising category.
Meanwhile, two new categories for Mobile Marketing will showcase how brands are making the most of mobile technology to interact and engage with consumers. These are: UX, Interface & Navigation for Mobile Marketing and Use of Mobile Technology.
D&AD has also introduced three new categories for Innovation across its Integrated & Earned Media, Digital Marketing and Digital Design juries. The new awards are designed to celebrate those who are pushing the boundaries of technology across these disciplines.
D&AD is also calling on international creatives to rise to the challenge of achieving a White Pencil. Awarded in 2013 to the United States’ Droga 5 for ‘Help I want to save a life’ campaign for Help Remedies, entries have to demonstrate real positive social impact, the capacity to change behavior and a sensitivity to sustainability issues across research, development and implementation.
Lindsay remarked, “We know just how powerful creative ideas can be. They persuade, motivate and mobilise people, and at their most potent, they have the power to change the way people think and behave. That’s why this year, we are rallying the creative community to submit their most original and inspirational ideas that demonstrate the power of creativity as a force for positive social change and achieve one of the pinnacles of creative excellence – The White Pencil." 
A full list of categories can be seen at the D&AD website.
D&AD is also reintroducing Music Videos to the Awards, following a campaign from Production Studios and Directors to bring it back after its absence in 2013. 
The much loved jury will see a return for 2014, led by foreman, Damian Kulash, lead singer of American pop band OK Go, who have earned considerable fame for their creative music videos.
Jury Foremen announced
As always, the D&AD Awards will be judged by some of the international creative communities’ highest profile members. They include
·         James McGrath, Creative Chairman, Clemenger BBDO Australia
·         Luiz Sanches, Partner & Chief Creative Officer, AlmapBBDO Brazil
·         Jessica Walsh, Partner, Sagmeister & Walsh, USA
·         Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide
·         Colleen DeCourcy, Global Co-Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy Portland, USA
Creatives from South East Asia are represented with 15 judges on the D&AD jury for 2014:
·         Art Direction: Nils Andersson, Chief Creative Officer & Asia Regional Head of Art, Y&R China
·         Press Advertising: Bill Chan, Chief Creative Officer, JWT Shanghai
·         Digital Marketing: Chris Chen, Executive Creative Director, Trio Isobar
·         Art Direction: Hideki Owa, Design Director, tha ltd.
·         Film Advertising Crafts: Kentaro Shihaku, Founder, Glider
·         Crafts for Advertising: Yoshihiro Yagi, Creative Director, Dentsu Tokyo
·         Graphic Design: Naomi Hirabayashi, Art Director & Graphic Designer, Plug-in Graphic
·         Packaging Design: Kenjiro Sano, Founder / Art Director / Creative Director, MR_Design
·         Digital Marketing: Tota Hasegawa, Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo
·         Digital Design: Qanta Shimizu, Chief Technology Officer, Creative Director & Founder, PARTY
·         Mobile Marketing: Keiichi Motoyama, Creative Director & Partner, SIX
·         Packaging Design: Chris Lee, Founder & Creative Director, Asylum (FOREMAN)
·         Outdoor Advertising: Ronald Ng, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Proximity, Singapore
·         Press Advertising: Dominic Stallard, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Singapore
·         Crafts for Advertising: Thomas Yang, Deputy Executive Creative Director / Head of Art & Design, DDB Singapore
A full list of judges can be seen on the D&AD website.
Black Pencil Judging Film
To give a true insight into the judging process, D&AD has released a Black Pencil Judging Film from the 2013 Awards. The film shows behind the scenes footage of the infamously rigorous judging for the “greatest of the great” in creative excellence.
Tim Lindsay, concludes: “The D&AD Awards have always been judged by the best creatives from across the globe and, while we may have our roots firmly in the UK, we have become a truly international show. D&AD is where those in the industry can pit themselves against their peers, not just in their own disciplines, but against those from across creative fields.
“A Pencil remains the ultimate accolade for anyone working in design, advertising or commercial film-making – given to the best work in the world by the acknowledged leaders in the business. The film we have released of the process that we go through should give a flavor of the rigor of that process.”
D&AD only awards work of the highest standard, meaning that the quantity of top Awards given fluctuates year on year.
The scrutiny and rigor imposed by the internationally acclaimed judges is legendary, and ensures that only the very best work receives the coveted Yellow, White and Black Pencils.
Judges award work at four levels: In Book places the work in the D&AD Annual; Nomination shortlists work to be considered for Pencils; Yellow Pencils are awarded for outstanding work; and White Pencils are awarded to outstanding work that demonstrates the power to effect real and positive social change.
From the Yellow and White Pencil-winning work, the foremen of each jury identify any truly groundbreaking pieces to be awarded a Black Pencil.
Most Awarded Pencils then give special recognition to the businesses or projects that have outperformed all others. These are awarded by:
–           Advertising Agency
–           Design Agency
–           Digital Agency
–           Production Company (New)
–           Client
All awarded work appears in the D&AD Annual, and In Book and Nomination winners can claim Pencil Slices to mark their achievement.
The pinnacle of creative achievement across the design, advertising and digital industries, the D&AD Awards have been running since 1962.
For information on how to enter this year’s Awards, visit the website. Follow D&AD @DandAD #DandAD14


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