Guerrilla busts chickenpox myths with GlaxoSmithKline campaign

THE PHILIPPINES, APRIL 16, 2012: Guerrilla Advertising’s GlaxoSmithKline campaign highlights the pains of chickenpox and why it can and must be prevented.
Using corkboards and push-pins, Guerrilla created a series of free-format posters to eliminate the common misconception of Filipinos that chickenpox is a common disease which kids are bound to experience once in their childhood. The use of push-pins is a way to tell the feeling of chickenpox  – the skin being pricked by a hundred pins.
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Bulletin boards illustrating the children crying in agony with a copy "Ganito kasakit magka-chickenpox" (Chickenpox hurts this much) highlighting the physical pain that comes with the disease, were posted in various schools and medical centers.  
Julien Tan – Managing Director
Jorge Mata – Creative Director 
Jorge Mata – Art Director
Gizzelle Pangilinan – Art Director/ Final Artwork
Copywriter – Jorge Mata / Julien Tan / Robert Lennon
Shiela Galvan – Print Producer
Michael Tan – Photographer
Ulyssis Enrico – Account Supervisor
CLIENT – GlaxoSmithKline
Kristel Guce – Product Manager

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