SSD Angels to the Rescue

GLOBAL  – APRIL 16, 2012: Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in relationships—there are online dating/matchmaking sites for singles, Skype and other mobile apps to keep long-distance lovers in touch, e-mail, IM, etc.

So what happens if your trusty laptop fails on you? Don’t fret—Samsung’s SSD Angels are fully equipped to restore your laptop to its former glory. With 1 ex-ambulance, 1 cameraman, and 50 Samsung 830 SSDs, the Angels trawled England, France, and Germany in search of broken relationships that they could fix.
Check out this ingenious campaign directed by Sam Bailey and produced by The Viral Factory.
Project name:  SSD Angels Interventions
Client:   Samsung
Creative agency:  The Viral Factory
Director: Sam Bailey with The Viral Factory

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