Philippine advertising suppliers challenged to continue adding system value

THE PHILIPPINES, MARCH 9, 2012: When roles are so clearly defined, the downside could be rigidity, lack of flexibility and the creation of silos.”
Speaking before the newly inducted officers and board of directors of the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP), Margot Torres, vice president for marketing and communications of McDonald’s Philippines and president of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), shared how value is added to the product as it passes each stage of the creative process.
However, Torres stressed that this traditional creative process, which “has worked for at least the past 30 years”, isn’t the only process that works in these times of a constantly evolving advertising landscape. Creative ideas can come from anyone, and the lines that define specific roles are now blurred. “An advertiser can work with a publisher and co-develop a campaign together with a media independent. Is that wrong? A TV network can develop TV material for an advertiser. Is this illegal?” she asked.
Torres underscored ASAP’s battle cry of “Creating, Enhancing, Delivering Value” as she explained importance of rising to the challenge of continuously adding value to the system, even if it has changed and will continue to change. Diversity could be positive, she added, noting ASAP as “an organization of multiple sectors and this is its key strength.”
“I used to think the goal of a leader was to have a homogenous team, but I learned true value is added by differences in opinion,” Torres continued. Adding more value to the present creative system is dependent on how the members of the industry realizes and responds to the changes and differences of the old to the new creative process, she concluded.
Inducted as ASAP officers were Allen Velez (president, Events Pool) as chairman, Roy Del Valle (president, Noisy Neighbors) as president, Vince Reyes (managing director, Executive Decisions) as VP for Internal, Madonna Tarrayo (general manager, Straight Shooters Media) as VP for External, Amrei Dizon (general manager and creative director, VitalStrats Creative Solutions) as secretary, and Varick Ong (general manager, Clear Channels) as treasurer.  
In the ASAP board of directors are Mario Babiera (president, Photosynthesis), Teddy Catuira (freelance TV commercial director, Orly Ballesteros (COO, Ex-Link Events and Marketing Corp.), Bessie Ballesca (managing director, Gallery Casting), Enrique Saburit (account manager, Super Image Graphic), Alvin Trono (vice president, Stages Inc.), Egay Navalta (voice performer), and Nico Mallari (graphic designer).
ASAP members include advertising photographers, commercial audio production, commercial production houses, creative talent services, digital media production, model/talent agencies, print production, and technical services and venue providers. 


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