Suez and Zapote Gallery: a new design space in the city

MANILA, AUGUST 19, 2013 – Graphic design studio Team Manila and Pablo Gallery has opened ‘Suez and Zapote’, the first design space and studio which highlights silkscreen as the main medium in exploring the multiplicities and diverse applications of art and design.  The new design space located in Makati comprises of three subsets: gallery, shop and projects.                                                            

Aside from introducing the space to the public last Saturday, it also launched its first exhibition featuring pattern design works of streetbrand artist Auggie Fontanilla, apparel designer AJ Dimarucot and Publicis JimenezBasic art director Raziel Go. Fontanilla’s works were inspired by tattoo designs; Dimarucot worked on typeface designs; and Go played around food concepts.

Suez and Zapote wanted the artists to experience the workshop by using the gallery’s facilities. All works were printed from silkscreen. The artist went to the gallery to supervise the production, especially the color combinations.


“The work isn’t just about the output; it’s also the production. We want the artists or the designers to explore, to meet the core medium of Suez and Zapote which is silkscreen. For example, Raziel Go is an illustrator. Her works are translated into a different medium through silkscreen,” said Yo Garcia of Pablo Gallery

Go shared to adobo Magazine: “The silkscreen experience was fun. It was my first time to experience it when I visited the gallery to check the prints for the colors.”

Compared to other design studios, Suez and Zapote explores silkscreen printing because today’s generation can relate to the production experience itself. It is not as difficult as the pother printing mediums such as wood carving and lithograph.

The gallery will feature exhibitions quarterly, giving enough exposure to the works. Young artists and designers will be invited by the organizers as co-collaborators but exhibit designers are also encouraged to submit their proposals. The works of co-collaborators are produced in multiples and will be sold within the shop. Moreover, Suez and Zapote serves as a design art workshop venue.

For more information of the newly-opened design space, visit


Augie Fontanilla’s works

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AJ Dimarucot’s works

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Raziel Go’s works

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The gallery:

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< src="/global//UserFiles/SUEZ&ZAPOTEINTERIOR05. " width="400" height="272" alt="" />


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