This backpacking copywriter will work for you for free

GLOBAL – January 15, 2014 – If you’re looking for a copywriter to join your team, Mark van der Heijden, aka The Backpacker Intern, will work for you for free. His only ask? Food and a place to stay.

Van der Heijden arrived in Bangkok on January 14, and will be traveling through Denpasar in Indonesia, Taipei in Taiwan, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York in the US, and Reykjavik in Iceland before going home to Amsterdam.

The Backpacker Intern from Mark van der Heijden on Vimeo.


The copywriter said his first day in Bangkok was "madness," sharing on his blog that he has received over 50 job offers from around the world, and even a marriage proposal via Twitter.
Van der Heijden is open to work not only from agencies, but from charities and brands as well. He has already accepted internships from McCann Worldgroup Bangkok, as well as Amnesty International Thailand. 
To know more about Van der Heijden or to follow his story, visit The Backpacker Intern.

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