Y&R Guangzhou wins Biostime business

GUANGZHOU – Maternal and child nutrition brand Biostime has announced the appointment of Y&R Guangzhou as its creative agency focusing on Biostime milk powder and probiotic brand strategy and creative communications.

Y&R Guangzhou gained Biostime’s recognition following a previous pitch called a few months ago. During that first project period, Biostime and Y&R got to know each other better, and under mutual agreement Y&R has been awarded more business from this famous domestic brand.

This is also the first time Biostime has chosen to work with an international 4A advertising agency.


Biostime CEO, Luo Fei commented on this further cooperation with Y&R:  “We chose Y&R Guangzhou as our partner because Y&R possesses the very unique strategic tool-Brand Asset Valuation system globally, we believe it will further enhance Biostime’s brand strategy angles; on the other hand, we are able to take advantage of Y&R’s network resources and professional creatives so as to bring international marketing strategy and creative concepts to Biostime.”

“We trust that Y&R will become our important partner when together building the No. 1 brand for providing Chinese mothers-to be and mothers with nutrition knowledge for infants feeding and caring along the road! ” he said.

Meanwhile, Y&R Guangzhou general manager Luis da Rosa said: “We hope this cooperation with Biostime can reflect Y&R’s vision – to become our client’s most valuable and reliable partner. We also hope to create a long journey with our client in terms of creative and strategy development and brand management.”

According to da Rosa, the new advertising campaign will be officially launched in February 2015, including all aspects of strategic planning, communications, creativity and execution.

In photo: Luis da Rosa

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