Arts & Culture: Grey New York unveils art installation: Our lives in the pandemic

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NEW YORK, USA — Grey New York this week unveils an employee-created work of art entitled: “Six Feet Over: Shared Perspectives From The Time We Went Away.”

The brainchild of a longtime Grey creative director, the idea was to paint a picture of what Grey people experienced, individually and collectively, during the last 20 months.

Mementos and Memories
“We wanted to mark this unprecedented event in our history in a way that would bring us all together, creatively,” Justine Armour, Chief Creative Officer of Grey New York said. “We soon discovered we weren’t collecting mementos, we were collecting memories, moments, feelings, and realities, personal to the pandemic, showing how we were affected in profound and unique ways.”

A collection of 400 submissions was amassed from the over 600-strong Grey team. Mixed media including photos, poems, drawings, tweets, books, clothing, recipes, and very personal reminiscences, cathartic, moving, and funny, flowed in with the authors remaining anonymous.

Working Apart Together
Justine Armour said “We’d be surprised by a beautiful thing we received that day. Sometimes brought to tears of joy or sadness at the stories behind the pieces as they came in. Sometimes awestruck by the craft and creativity coming from people we didn’t know had a secret creative life.”

She continued, “In the end, the art wall reminds us of the humanity we have missed in each other while working apart… how much we look forward to working together in person as we venture back to the office.”

Everyone at Grey New York will receive a commemorative printed book for the holidays. Learn more about the project on Instagram, @grey, and the Grey Matter podcast.


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