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Lea Salonga and Dolly De Leon will star in Franz Xaver Kroetz’s ‘Request sa Radyo’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Request sa Radyo (Wunschkonzert / Request Program) is Franz Xaver Kroetz‘s landmark theatrical piece that captures the poignant solitude of a woman through her meticulous evening routine. As she navigates her quiet, solitary life, her actions and her favorite radio program reveal the profound loneliness and yearning for connection that lies beneath. This masterpiece of modern theatre transforms the mundane into a powerful exploration of isolation and the human condition through silence, leaving you contemplating the depths of solitude long after the curtain falls.

The strictly limited engagement with 20 performances will begin on October 10 until October 20 at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Makati City. Lea Salonga and Dolly De Leon will perform the solo piece in scheduled alternating performances.

Request Sa Radyo is produced by Clint Ramos, Bobby Garcia, and Christopher Mohnani for Ayala Land and GMG Productions.

Lea Salonga and Dolly De Leon to star in Request sa Radyo play INS

In a joint statement, the producers said, “We are thrilled to bring this groundbreaking piece of art to life in Manila. Blurring the line between theater and performance art, Franz Xaver Kroetz’s wordless play speaks to the silent struggles of isolation and the deep human need for connection. Through its minimalist approach and profound storytelling, grounded in a specific Filipino lived experience, this production invites audiences to find extraordinary meaning in the everyday. Featuring Tony and Olivier winner, Lea Salonga and Golden Globe and BAFTA Nominee, Dolly De Leon, two of the most internationally celebrated actors of their generation, Request Sa Radyo is the can’t-miss event of international theatre in 2024.”

The play is the coming together of some of the country’s (and world’s) bests. All multi-awarded and all-considered sources of Philippine pride, this project delves into its vision and dedication to bringing a compelling narrative to the Philippine audience.

A visionary designer and advocate of diversity and representation in theatre and film, Clint Ramos is a six-time TONY Award nominee and the recipient of a TONY Award for his designs for Eclipsed — making him the first designer of color to win in this category. Clint, Request sa Radyo’s Creative Director and Producer expressed, “I have always been so moved by this play as a piece of modern theater. Its intimate package belies the vastness of exploration of the human condition. When we got the blessing to bring it to Manila at the Samsung Theatre and have it speak to a specific Filipino condition, we could only think of two of the Philippines’ premier actors, Lea Salonga and Dolly de Leon, to star in it. Together with director and pal, Bobby Garcia, I cannot think of a better piece for all of us to collaborate on and be of artistic service to the motherland and our people.”

A respected figure in the world of theatre, Bobby Garcia’s career is marked by numerous acclaimed productions both in the Philippines and internationally. In his homecoming project, Request sa Radyo’s Director and Producer shared, “The last show I worked on in Manila was The Band’s Visit, which sadly never got to open because of the pandemic. It was a poignant musical about loneliness, isolation, and the need for human connection. It feels almost like fate that I now return to Manila after four years to direct Request sa Radyo, a chilling and haunting piece of theatre about those very same issues but completely different in approach, form, and style. I am thrilled to be working with two of the country’s finest performers — Lea Salonga and Dolly De Leon — who will alternate in performing this unique theatrical experience about our universal need for human contact and the global crisis that is loneliness. I am also thrilled to reconnect with Manila audiences after some time away and re-engage with them through the art of storytelling.”

Beloved Filipino star and renowned performer across the world for her powerful voice and perfect pitch, Lea Salonga enthused, “When I was asked by Clint and Bobby if I was interested at all in this project, an experience that told a probable and possible story that absolutely applies to our people, I said, ‘Sure,’ even before knowing the details. It will be a challenge though, but hopefully will lend a figurative voice to those who are suffering.”

Film, television, and theatre actress, and the first Filipino actor to be nominated for the BAFTAs and Golden Globe Awards, Dolly De Leon also expressed her excitement, “I’m so looking forward to coming back to my first love, the theatre after five long years and I am equally excited that it is in Request Sa Radyo — a play that is relevant and timely.”

The show will open in Manila in October. Sign up here for first access to tickets.

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