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Globe Group announces name change of AdSpark Holdings to Brave Connective Holdings

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Globe Group’s AdSpark Holdings has changed its name to Brave Connective Holding (BCHI), as it brings together under its umbrella the companies that will help businesses strengthen connection with customers through the use of data, analytics, targeting, and storytelling.

BCHI provides a holistic adtech and data ecosystem through its four companies: AdSpark, Inquiro, m360, and DeepSea, currently undergoing the spin-off process. BCHI is on a mission to support brands and businesses with the tagline “Courageous Brands Connect Better.”

BCHI aims to address pain points in adtech and data experienced by many B2B customers. These include the lack of capability to execute effective digital campaigns, ineffective sourcing and use of data for digital marketing or advertising, inefficient audience targeting and digital media buying, and direct-to-customer communication challenges.


“With the rebranding, we are positioning ourselves as an end-to-end adtech and data partner for businesses. This move was born out of the recognition that connecting with customers is not only about the data or the technology, but also about the brave decisions that brands make to bring their businesses closer to their customers – being more daring to experiment, take risks, and question things,” said Nikko Acosta, BCHI President and CEO. “With our four companies, we’re creating a comprehensive ecosystem of data, media, and fulfillment partners that translates the curiosity of businesses about their customers and their behavior, into data-driven campaigns that resonate with their audience.”

In 2022, Globe Group’s adtech and data group was a significant contributor to the growth of Globe’s non-telco revenues.

AdSpark, a full-service, data-driven digital advertising agency, services enterprise clients by managing campaigns, generating creatives, performing media outreach, and recommending other adtech services across 149 clients in 2022.

M360, the leading A2P messaging platform in the country, reaches at least 150 million mobile users and 45 million OTT users. It enables businesses to send and receive messages to 227 global destinations via its 700 partner mobile operators. Currently, it serves over 2,000 direct clients and at least 10,000 accounts across its 75 partner aggregators.

Inquiro, which provides AI-powered products enabling quick actionable insights and data-driven business decisions, has 94 million profiles and 29 million Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) across 478 data points. It is currently growing its partnership base to enrich the use of data attributes in business.

Meanwhile, Deepsea is in programmatic advertising designed for effective audience targeting across online channels. It is gearing up for 2023 as it partners with third parties for private marketplace (PMP) and data management platform (DMP) capabilities aimed at revolutionizing the use of first-party data in marketing campaigns.

BCHI is excited to be at the forefront of digital marketing in the Philippines and looks forward to working with more businesses in the country.

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