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CrUAtivity calls global professional community to cooperate with Ukrainian agencies for creative partnerships

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK has released a new issue of the CrUAtivity digest with actual advertising campaigns in Ukraine and invited the global community to cooperate with Ukrainian agencies. The selection includes works in 6 categories, as well as a special category "To the war anniversary".  

KYIV, UKRAINE — Ukrainian agencies have been living and working in conditions of full-scale war for a year. Despite everything, Ukrainians continue to create and need new partners to survive in these difficult conditions.  

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK presents the new issue of the CrUAtivity digest with works for January-February 2023. The issue included 24 works in six categories: Film, Design, Digital, Out of Home, Advertising campaign, and Social campaign.  


From the new digest, you find out what the “Department of Love” in a Ukrainian ride-hailing service is; what is the sexy characters of Procrastination used for; how creators turned a store for fishermen into a brand of military equipment; what borscht for the Armed Forces looks like; and how the last salt from Soledar became another symbol of courage, resilience, and strength of Ukrainian defenders and the entire Ukrainian people. 

In addition, a special category, “To the war anniversary” was created in the digest. This is a selection of eight campaigns from different periods to once again remember what the year of the war was like for the advertising market of Ukraine. During this year, creatives called on the world through advertising — be brave, don’t get tired of standing up for real human values, offering Ukrainians to believe that “there will be tomorrow,” and to thank the military with special signs. Charity projects were launched in Ukraine, rebranding was done, and new brands were created under the influence of the war. 

The digest shows how agencies and brands are adapting to modern realities. In the new selection, cases with a social orientation make up 50% of the presented creative projects (previously this indicator reached 80%). Although even in commercial advertisements, brands often support Ukrainians and the country. Whether a brand is socially active has become one of the important selection criteria for Ukrainian consumers today. 

Each issue provides a general overview of the cases in video format (in the watch section) and in text format (in the read section), and each case is presented in detail in its category. The detailed information contains a description and a translation of the case, the creator of the case, and a link to its website.   

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK created the CrUAtivity project in partnership with the Brain Tank creative marketing communications agency and Adcore digital agency.   

VRK calls on the global professional community to cooperate with Ukrainian creatives and not only to find new partners for themselves, but also to continue supporting Ukrainians. 


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