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Huskee Digital’s new training arm offers strategic TikTok workshops for business growth

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Huskee Digital, a creator commerce marketing agency specializing in transforming stories into sales on TikTok and other platforms, has launched TRENDS, its official training arm aimed at helping brands leverage TikTok for business growth. The programs offer intensive workshops to enhance marketing strategies and drive business success on the platform.

The launch comes amid increasing recognition of TikTok as a platform for driving business growth and how it revolutionized content creation for brands. Leveraging years of expertise and a passion for innovation, Huskee Digital’s TRENDS provides brands with essential technical guidance, content creation strategies, and consumer insights. “We are thrilled to launch TRENDS and share our marketing insights on a larger scale. Our work on TikTok over the last few years has been significant for our clients, and our goal is to help more brands become media powerhouses on TikTok,” said Miggy Azurin, Managing Partner at Huskee Digital.

TRENDS addresses the need for businesses to adapt to evolving social media trends, including social commerce, short-form video, and affiliate marketing.


The training arm offers two key programs:

• “Become TikTok-Ready”

• “Launch Your Brand On TikTok Shop”

“Become TikTok-Ready” provides an assessment of the business’ marketing funnel and equips them with skills to unlock the “media-first” potential of TikTok. “Launch Your Brand on TikTok Shop” provides a clear understanding of the power of social commerce. From comprehensive guidance on setting up your TikTok Shop to implementing strategies that boost sales and significant growth on the platform.

The programs are designed to empower businesses to win on TikTok. This includes SMEs, established corporations, and brands across B2B and B2C sectors.

As a TikTok Agency Partner, Huskee Digital collaborates with TikTok’s regional office to launch and optimize high-performing marketing campaigns. Huskee Digital uses its insights from managing successful case studies as the foundation for its training, allowing brands to implement effective TikTok marketing campaigns and drive measurable results after finishing the courses.

Huskee Digital envisions TRENDS as a catalyst for business growth on TikTok, whether by driving foot traffic to stores, launching high-performing TikTok Shops, or enhancing employer branding to attract high-quality talent. TikTok is the second-largest social media platform in the Philippines. Huskee Digital predicts that TikTok Shop will become the country’s leading marketplace within the next three to four years.

To officially launch the training arm, Huskee Digital hosted a mixer event on June 20 at Studio 28, Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event will feature representatives from TikTok Philippines, Huskee Digital’s clients, and partners, offering an avenue for business owners and marketers to learn more about TRENDS.

Following the launch event, TRENDS courses will be available on Huskee Digital website, allowing businesses to enroll in workshops or tailor training plans to meet specific needs. The initial program, “Become TikTok-Ready,” will offer a select group of business owners and marketers an exclusive look at the intensive training designed to help them master TikTok.

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