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Purefoods introduces Seafood Delights for quick and delicious meals

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Purefoods Seafood Delights has offered a solution for those hesitant about shrimp or seafood. These ready-to-cook treats are designed to simplify mealtime, providing delicious and nutritious options for the entire family, thus creating memorable moments around the table.

Purefoods Seafood Delights, known for its quality ingredients, brings new possibilities to Filipino households. The range includes Shrimp Tempura, Squid Rings, Fish Nuggets, and Tail-On Shrimp, ensuring various options that eliminate the mealtime dilemma of “What’s for dinner?”

The products’ perfect crunch and golden-brown appearance make them appealing even to the pickiest eaters, encouraging everyone to embark on a seafood adventure with Purefoods Seafood Delights.


One of the key benefits of Purefoods Seafood Delights is their convenience. These meals can be prepared in as little as 15 minutes, making them ideal for busy days when a quick, quality meal is needed. This allows for less time in the kitchen and more time spent enjoying family moments.

Purefoods Seafood Delights provides a way to create nutritious, delicious, and convenient meals. With a wide variety of seafood options, every meal can be a delightful experience.

Available in all supermarkets nationwide, these products include:

• Shrimp Tempura (200g) for Php220

• Squid Rings (200g) for Php185

• Fish Nuggets (200g) for Php125

• Tail-On Shrimp (200g) for Php205.

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