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Angel One taps Prodigious and Publicis to ignite excitement for smart investing in India

MUMBAI, INDIA — Fintech company Angel One has set the stage for an investing revolution with the launch of its groundbreaking super app for smart investing. The company’s latest commercial, directed by a talented team in collaboration with production house Prodigious and creative agency Publicis, has taken the nation by storm, leaving millions of Indians intrigued by the app’s superpower.

At the heart of the commercial lies the mesmerizing use of orange light, symbolizing the app’s extraordinary potential. This light is depicted as a source of superpower that emanates from the Angel One super app, reaching every corner of India. With its revolutionary features and user-friendly interface, the super app promises to transform the way people invest and manage their finances.

The ad brilliantly captures the nation’s curiosity as people embark on a quest to discover the source of this extraordinary superpower. As the commercial unfolds, a colossal monolith of Angel One emerges from the sky, leaving viewers in awe of its immense power and potential. This captivating visual narrative showcases the app’s ambition and commitment to revolutionizing investing practices in India.


The Angel One super app is poised to disrupt the traditional investment landscape, providing users with real-time data, personalized insights, and intuitive tools. With this powerful ally at their fingertips, investors gain the confidence to make informed decisions and take control of their financial future like never before.

The commercial has struck a chord with audiences nationwide, igniting a wave of excitement and anticipation. Viewers are eager to embrace this new era of smart investing, where they can access diverse investment opportunities and make educated choices, all with the help of the Angel One Super App.

Prabhakar Tiwari,
Chief Growth Officer of Angel One Ltd.

“We are immensely proud of the collaborative effort that went into creating this awe-inspiring commercial,” said Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer of Angel One. “The orange light represents the app’s potential to illuminate the path to financial prosperity, guiding investors towards a smarter and super investing experience. The campaign is in line with our north star of empowering a billion lives, leveraging the power of data and technology.”

Dheeraj Sinha, CEO, Leo Burnett
South Asia & Chairman BBH India

Dheeraj Sinha, CEO of Leo Burnett South Asia and Chairman of BBH India, said, “Angel One is all set to revolutionize the trading and investing ecosystem, by simplifying investment through their Super App, using real-time data and highly personalized journeys. This is the perfect example of how using data and technology, brands can make a real impact on people’s lives. Our campaign creates a visually compelling narrative with the use of the brand’s logo to make the Angel One Super App synonymous with smart investing for India.”

Anders Forsman, an independent Swedish Director who worked on the film, said, “Directing the Angel One commercial was an incredible experience, thanks to the exceptional collaboration with Prodigious and Publicis. Our collective passion brought to life a visually stunning narrative, showcasing the revolutionary impact of the Angel One Super App for smart investing. This commercial marks a new era in smart investing, empowering users with real-time data and personalized insights at their fingertips. I’m immensely proud of the final product and the team’s dedication in creating something truly remarkable. The Angel One Super App is set to transform the world of investing for the better.”

The commercial has left a profound impression on audiences, generating immense excitement and anticipation. With the monumental monolith of Angel One rising in the ad, it heralds the dawning of a new era in investing. Already 1.5 Crore+ Indians are using this super app, and Indians stand ready to embrace this transformative journey, united in its pursuit of financial empowerment.

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