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Campaign Spotlight: According to Bacon, here’s why you should change your car

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Some things in life you need to pick out according to the occasion. Like footwear. Or music. And perhaps we should begin to do the same with cars. At least that is the point of Danish car service :Dribe‘s new campaign; Don’t buy a car, subscribe to a car service instead so you can pick the right type of vehicle for your needs at any given time.

In a couple of absurdly sketched-out scenarios, we are presented with situational problems from driving respectively an SUV (hard to parallel park) or an electric car (slow charging when you are really in a hurry).


Point being: It might make sense to subscribe to a flexible car service that lets you pick out a car on a monthly basis depending on your needs. You know, instead of being old-fashioned and buying a car.

A quirky electric organ soundtrack mixed with an exaggerated and ridiculous version of reality gives the films an almost cartoonish feel. The campaign is made by Copenhagen agency Worth Your While, the spots are directed by Martin Furze and produced by Bacon.


Production Company: Bacon
Director: Martin Furze
Executive Producer: Samuel Cantor
DOP: Niels Thastum
Production Manager: Nicholas Perry
Coordinator on Set: Frederikke Jermiin
Focus Puller: Franklin Henriksen
Loader: Nunu Lourenco
Electrician: Martin Riello
Production Designer: Christian Rathmann
Props Master: Mads Jørgensen
Stylist: Pernille Holm
Location Manager: Gustav Mellgren
Post Producer: Louise Ryge
Editor: Ogi Curcic
Music title: Feta Fling
Composer: Christopher Donahue, Kenneth Brian Lewis & Scott Dente
Music Supervisor: Upright Music
Sound design: Ole Krogstad
VFX: Ian Bach & Bjørn Munch / Hitch
Color: Nurali Kushkov / Cameo Film
Agency: Worth Your While
Agency project manager: Nicoline La Cour
Creative: Lukas Lund

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