With two growing teenagers, how do parents find the balance between work and leisure? This was a question playfully carried out by Teeth Singapore for Air Asia. Within 60 seconds, they captured their audiences humor, multiplying their views by the hundreds within hours of release.

The campaign is a visual treat with the (not so) subtle interaction of a married couple in their living space. While the husband is casually watering the plants, his wife comes into the room giving him a knowing look. The reluctant husband would not be easily swayed with the kids and the room so the wife proceeds to lift her skirt to give him a preview and licks a popsicle to add the final touch of seduction. What’s a lovestruck husband got to do? 

As if the couple’s exchange of funny gestures and expressions are not enough, that paired with a quirky music will tickle your lips into smiling. The husband eventually gave in, pulled by the wife with a locked door behind them.

As it turns out, the wife was initiating for a quick travel getaway and what better airline to tap in between packing luggages? You got it. Air Asia promises to take you to quick destinations with their line “For time spent online, you could already be there.” Finally, the kids were surprised to open the door with their parents flushed and caught in vacation bliss. 


A campaign that evolved from the brand’s DNA, Fancy a Quickie is short, entertaining and relatable. Air Asia has been at the forefront of affordability in air travel since its conception in 1993. Being their first campaign of the year, the brand lives to being trendy and fresh.

It all stemmed from the want to add value, not just in price but in experiences. “We looked more deeply into how AirAsia’s offering can truly add value to people’s lives. That’s when we realized Singaporeans’ frustrations when it comes to work-life balance, and a lack of awareness for the options available to relieve this,” said the Teeth in a statement. 

At their 25th year, the airline’s commitment to its passengers is renewed with this story: universal, entertaining and uniquely creative.