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Campaign Spotlight: Altice USA and Y&R Prove There are Some Americans Who Do Watch Soccer

NEW YORK – The world believes that America doesn’t care about soccer, but that’s not entirely true. There is an entire population of Americans who live and breathe soccer every single week – Soccer Moms. And they not only care about soccer, they know a whole lot more than anyone gives them credit for.

Altice USA and Y&R are launching a social series called Soccer Moms Center, a digital show centered on World Cup analysis by the foremost soccer fans in America: Soccer Moms. And at a time where almost all soccer coverage is male, these Soccer Moms are a refreshing voice and perspective in the conversation. From the early rounds to the finals, this cast of moms is offering coverage, reactions, game analysis, and predictions to offer a new perspective as America follows the biggest sporting event in the world.

The work comes on the heels of Altice’s “Futebol vs. Football” regional Super Bowl spot, which starred Cristiano Ronaldo making his American football debut and bringing soccer to U.S. fans. 


Episode 1: 

Episode 2: 

Episode 3: 

Y&R Credits

  • Chief Creative Officer: Leslie Sims
  • Executive Creative Director: Joao Coutinho
  • Creative Directors: Kate Lummus & Felipe Pavani
  • Copywriters: Joel Robert Johnson, Jesse Stanton, Miguel Durao
  • Art Directors: Marcos Porrata, Santiago Lastra, Tyler Winston
  • Graphics & Animation: Hevan Chan, Brigitta Martiana
  • Production: Middle Mile
  • Head of Production: Greg Lotus
  • Executive Producer: Barbara Resua
  • Music Producer: Theresa Notartomaso
  • Business Affairs: Janet Muentes
  • Group Account Director: David Pomfret
  • EVP, Managing Director of Technology and Business Practice: Jessica Post
  • Account Executive: Tony Miller
  • Community Manager: Imani Albert
  • Social Strategist: Farouk Ajakaiye
  • Strategy Director: Bediz Eker
  • Project Managers: Clint Walsh, Chris Borelli

Altice USA Credits:

  • Joe Charno: VP Brand, Marketing & Creative Services
  • Dan Opallo: Director, Marketing / Social Media
  • Dannie Fischetti: Social Media Marketing

Production Credits:

  • Production Company: Hogarth
  • Edit House/Animation: Hogarth
  • Director: Evan Bernard
  • Editor: Bruce Ashley

Casting: Skitish Media

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