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Campaign Spotlight: AP Thai launch smart home with smart pup via new Wolf BKK work

BANGKOK, THAILAND — In the midst of the real estate industry competition in Thailand, AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading property developer, launched the smart home technology that will be installed on every AP Townhome, aiming to set the new standard for the real estate industry in Thailand.



The brand focus is to reflect the understanding of what kind of innovation can empower people’s living the most in townhomes.

Security Camera with speaker (2-way audio) is one of the main features of AP’s innovations that the company provided in every townhome, but the advertising of CCTV functions in the housing project cannot be advertised directly because even though the CCTV camera is installed to prevent theft in the house, nobody really wants to see the thieves in their house advertising.

Therefore, Wolf Bkk chose to create this hilarious film. Have you ever wondered “What do our dogs secretly do at home when we are away?”. Through this new campaign, the agency presents the functions of the CCTV camera through the cuteness of the Jack Russell Terrier.

They wanted the story to be endearing by using footage of the dog playing with things around the house to portray their naughtiness and cuteness. This draws people to keep watching the film until the end, then reveal how technologies are the solution that give AP residents the sense of security and make them feel at ease, which is consistent with AP Thailand’s corporate belief of “Empower Living.”


Agency: Wolf BKK, Thailand
Managing Director: Phannika Vongsayan
Chief Creative Officer: Torsak Chuenprapar
Creative Director: Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng
Creative Group Head: Woottipong Lamangthong
Art Director: Chayaporn Wangchana
Copywriter: Phachara Saothayanan
Agency’s Producer: Chanapat Srabua
Business Director: Chonlatid Saenghiran
Communications Director: Thosaporn Kaewnurachadasorn
Communications Executive: Suratchana Khumpoka
Production Company: Suneta House
Director: Teerapol Suneta

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