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Campaign Spotlight: Baskin-Robbins announces new brand identity

MASSACHUSETTS, USA — The new visual identity system would turn fans of yesterday into brand loyalists of today and capturing Gen Z’s heart with everyday moments of “happy.” Equally as important is celebrating the quality and creativity that Baskin-Robbins has offered since the beginning.

The change

Revolutionizing the brand meant taking a step back to understand the founding principles and earliest expressions of the brand. Leaning into their circus roots, the path to a younger, yet more sophisticated identity became abundantly clear. With its mid-century vibes, the new identity system is fun and bold retaining the “31” built right into the BR monogram itself. Every touchpoint received a makeover with a new color palette as the foundation – ice cream photography, packaging, unforms and in-store graphics round out the system to create a cohesive and playful brand expression.


Baskin-Robbins now personifies its mission to flavor every day with “happy” and stay “forever young”.

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