SINGAPORE –  IKEA. Now, there’s Choice. – BBH Singapore teases audiences with the promise of ‘Choice’ to launch IKEA’s third new store in Malaysia, the biggest in Southeast Asia to date.
There are some things in life you can’t choose. Like your mother-in-law or your daughter’s boyfriend or even your wife’s beloved cats. 
But a new campaign – for the IKEA Tebrau store in Johor Bahru – reveals that with a new IKEA in town, you can choose from thousands of home furnishing pieces to ease the many tensions domestic life brings.
The campaign features four films, supported by digital, TV, print, outdoor and radio.
A series of films – capturing everyday domestic life – were shot by renowned Argentinian film director Augusto G Zapiola, known for his subtle observational humour.
Said Nikhil Panjwani, Creative Director, BBH Singapore:
“Our actors, who didn’t speak a word of English were getting instructions from Augusto who spoke mostly in Spanish. It was fascinating how just hand gestures and body language saved the day and nothing was lost in translation.”
Said Augusto G Zapiola:
“From the first call with the agency and client, I knew we were all on the same boat, free to experiment and collaborate during the whole process. I am really happy with the result.”
The films will launch in Malaysia this week.

IKEA – HER BOYFRIEND – Now, There’s Choice 


IKEA – HER CATS – Now, There’s Choice 

IKEA – YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW – Now, There’s Choice 

IKEA – HER CRAVINGS – Now, There’s Choice

Executive Creative Director: Joakim Borgstrom
Creative Directors: Nikhil Panjwani, Joakim Borgstrom
Writers: Keng Chien Hong, Nikhil Panjwani
Art Directors: Ronald Bunaidi, Soo Yeon Bae
Planning Director: Rebecca Ash
Account Director: Chloe Fair
Account Manager: Abbas Zafar
Producer: Wendi Chong
Director: Augusto G Zapiola
Co-director: Nano Tidone
Production House: Argentina Cine, Buenos Aires
DOP: Christos Voudouris
Music Composition: Bigotes Musica
Line Production: Two Monkeys, Bangkok
Post Production: The Quiet Lab
Editor: Lee Hwee