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Campaign Spotlight: Campaign from Happiness Saigon automatically turns Lay’s crisp sounds into subtitles while watching video content

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM — In their newest campaign, Lays Potato Chips have released a plug in for Google Chrome that detects the sounds of crunching chips and automatically turns subtitles on for the YouTube video you are watching.

The creative agency, Happiness Saigon, an FCB alliance, knew that people love to snack while they’re watching their favourite Youtubers, but when you’re crunching and munching it can be hard to hear the audio. And Lays is the crispiest chip of all. 


To solve this problem, and make the video watching experience better for everyone, Crispy Subtitles was the answer. 

The team trained an AI on 178 hours of crispy chip crunch sounds gathered from around the world, to create a one-of-a-kind plugin which is able to detect and activate subtitles from the second it hears a crunch, so viewers can snack without missing a single thing.

This revolution in snacking is available for free on the Google Chrome store globally. Try it out at


CLIENT: PepsiCo / Lay’s
Marketing Head: Vu Thi Ngoc Que
Marketing Manager: Yen Le

AGENCY: Happiness Saigon, an FCB alliance
Executive Creative Management: Alan Cerutti
Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson
Executive Creative Director: Gregory Titeca, Marc Richard
Concept Providers: Mathias Lemielle, Thomas Cappelle
Creatives: Mathias Lemielle, Thomas Cappelle, Nick Stillittano
Copy: Loan Anh Huynh, Nghia Tran, Dee Verwaetermeulen
Design: Dries Lauwers, Aldjia Bessalah
Art & Motion: Truc Mai Hoang Anh, Thuy Pham Vuong Bao
Motion & Editing: Trung Thai Thanh, Remke Faber, Seth Michielsen
Head of Performance: Nhat Qui
Performance & Data Planner: Tien Phan Cam
Strategic Planner: Linh Nguyn
Account: Son Nguyn, Ngc Le, An Nguyn, Giang Ngo
Producer: Bart Vande Maele
Platform Analyst: Loc Nguyen
Community Outreach: Hieu Phan Duc

Production Agency: Bliss Innovative Maker StudiO
Head of Technology: Thomas Colliers
Digital PM: Joni Allaert 

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