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Campaign Spotlight: Colgate Puerto Rico and Geometry Colombia invite Puerto Rico to smile

GUAYNABO, PUERTO RICO — It’s a fact, in 2020 everything changed. The bad news didn’t stop, the streets were empty and there seemed to be no reason to smile… for a while, color and joy had been extinguished in Puerto Rico. Things could not go on like this. It was time to smile again.

That is why Colgate Puerto Rico and Geometry Colombia present: “It’s time to show your best smile”, through which Colgate invites all Puerto Ricans to smile again and to unite for a very good cause: the future of Puerto Rico’s youth and children.



This invitation has been carried out through social networks, in addition to taking to the streets and points of sale on the island.

To participate, Puerto Ricans only have to enter, fill out their data, take a picture and download it to share it on their social networks and, thus, unite Puerto Rico in a single smile. Once Colgate Puerto Rico completes their goal, they will donate oral care products to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico Foundation, who do important work supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

With this initiative, Colgate is not only connecting with their audience, but also fostering a spirit of optimism throughout the island, helping Puerto Ricans remember the reasons everyone has to keep smiling while working together for a bright future full of smiles.


MARCELA JIMENEZ (General Account Director)
ANA MARIA SEPULVEDA (Account Director)
CARLOS URRUTIA (Creative Director)
HENRY RAMIREZ (VP Digital Solutions)
DANIEL SANCHEZ ( Digital Project Manager)

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