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Campaign Spotlight: Dentsu Impact’s heartwarming film for vivo celebrates the ‘Joy Of Homecoming’ this Diwali

MUMBAI, INDIA — Given the modern shift most of us are operating in, families have drifted apart and are not in an ideal state due to varied reasons. However, the festive season is a time when families come together to celebrate. With an aim to bring true joy to people this Diwali, Dentsu Impact, a dentsuMB company, and vivo, the innovative global smartphone brand, have launched their new campaign, ‘Joy of Homecoming’ across mainline and digital platforms.

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Addressing the need of treasuring special moments, the campaign encapsulates the role of smartphone photography in rekindling the joy of connections and elevating the festive cheer. Backed by a strong narrative and starring the veteran Bollywood actor, Kanwaljit Singh, Dentsu Impact, the creative agency from dentsu India, has executed a Diwali special digital film, communicating vivo’s endeavour to strengthen bonds and bring families together with its smartphone photography.

The video commercial starts by showing the loneliness of an old man whose entire family has moved out, and we see how he finds company renting his house to travellers for short stays. The film then transitions to show a young guy who has decided to get away from the polluted city life, arriving to enjoy a beautiful Diwali in the mountains. We are taken along as this decision lets him bond with the old man during his stay. An emotional roller-coaster, the film ends on a happy note, uniting the old man and his family. Thus, giving the message that Diwali is the festival of homecoming and best celebrated with loved ones.

Pictures play a very pivotal part in bridging physical and emotional distances in the film. They remind us that a happy Diwali is when we return to our family to spread joy and happiness. We all come together for clicking pictures but sometimes the memories and moments captured in them also bring us together. The central message is how vivo’s imaging technology helps reignite a lot of emotions and builds a connection through pictures ‘kyunki tasveeron ka connection seedha dil se hota hai’.

Nipun Marya, Director Brand Strategy, vivo India

Speaking on the campaign, Nipun Marya, Director Brand Strategy, vivo India, said, “The festival of Diwali holds a lot of importance in these times. With our ‘Joy of Homecoming’ campaign, we aim to bridge the emotional and physical distances between the families and spread happiness through smartphone photography.”


He further added, “At vivo, we understand that technology is an enabler for the joy in our lives, and through this campaign, we want to celebrate homecoming and rekindle the joy of connection.”

Anupama Ramaswamy, Managing Partner & National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact

Anupama Ramaswamy, Managing Partner & National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact added, “We live in a world where the distance between elderly parents and their grown-up children is rapidly increasing. A big reason is that these children, who often live somewhere else, are busy with their own families, work, and other commitments. To find the time to come home for a visit is, unfortunately, becoming a rare luxury for them. As a result, regular touch is lost over time, leaving parents to wonder sadly when that long-awaited homecoming is finally going to happen.

We saw this film as an opportunity to remind everyone that it takes very little to stop drifting away and to keep the bond strong with our near and dear ones. And Diwali is a very apt occasion to send out this message since it is about celebrating the coming home of children after a long period of time.

Of course, the story has been thought of and written to really touch people and get them thinking about their own relationship with their parents or children. But what really tugs at heartstrings is the song that accompanies each moment. It has been carefully composed to highlight every emotion – happiness, sadness, laughter and tears. The lyrics have also been written from the heart, each word flowing seamlessly into the next to tell us that memories have the ability to bridge any distance and pull anyone back home. And vivo, with its high-quality camera, is the perfect tool to stir these memories via the power of pictures. That is truly the joy of homecoming.”

Client: vivo India
Client contact: Nipun Marya, Madhusmita Behera
Creative agency: Dentsu Impact
National Creative Director & Managing Partner: Anupama Ramaswamy
Films Head: Suprotim Day
Creative team: Monish Gupta, Shibangi Ghosh
Account Management team: Hindol Purkayastha, Avinash Chandra
Associate Films Director: Aamir Khan
Production House: Karman Line Films
Director: Viveck Daaschaudhary
DOP: Tapan Tushar Basu
Producer: Simran Bakshi

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