Campaign Spotlight: Desigual Becomes the First International Brand to Permanently Rotate its Logo as Part of the New Campaign with WE ARE Pi, “Forwards is Boring”


Barcelona, June 28th 2019, fashion house Desigual permanently flips its logo as part of a full brand turn-around launched this week with “Forwards Is Boring” campaign developed in partnership with Amsterdam based ideas company, WE ARE Pi.

Incomprehensible signs meant to be read in selfie mode, an ode to the illogical with chapters that are only available through Instagram stories, influencers who have been spun around, and a magazine that starts from the end. These are just some of the pieces from the “Forwards is Boring” campaign that Desigual is using to present its new image to the world.

“The objective of the campaign, in addition to presenting the company’s surprising new image which makes it the first international brand to permanently rotate its logo, is to invite people to think. To make them feel awkward. To make them step outside of their comfort zones. Which is exactly what we’ve done.” Desigual, Chief Marketing Officer, Guillem Gallego

In addition to becoming the first brand in the world to permanently reverse its logo, Desigual are also making their intentions very clear: being ourselves. A tribute to the rebellious, disruptive and fresh spirit that inspired a famous Spanish filmmaker to give them the name “Desigual” in 1984 because they were “not doing the same thing” as everyone else. Desigual’s move is in stark contrast to the branding of other fashion houses becoming more uniform. An inverted move that brings them closer, once again, to fulfilling the brand dream: living in a world where everyone can be themselves by using their innate creativity as a tool.

The campaign, designed by Desigual’s Creative Studio in collaboration with Amsterdam based WE ARE Pi, starts this week. It begins with Social media and Outdoor street marketing in major European cities, where people will find signs that seem impossible to read at first but conceal a hidden message.

“We live in illogical times. We live in Desigual times. ‘Forwards is Boring’ is more than a campaign, it’s an attitude created to guide Desigual and its growing community of artists into the future.” Alex Bennett Grant, CEO and Founder of WE ARE Pi.

“Having spent a career trying to make sense of brands it’s refreshing to stop making sense and show that different makes the difference” Barney Hobson, Executive Creative Director and Co-founder of WE ARE Pi.

Client: Desigual
Agency: WE ARE Pi


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