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Campaign Spotlight: Ensemble & Pizza Hut invite Malaysians to pull dip dip pop their pizza

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Ensemble Worldwide, the creative agency within the IPG Mediabrands network, has released a short film with Pizza Hut Malaysia, to launch its limited edition Cheesy Poppers Pizza.

The film aims to showcase unique, fun and interactive styles of eating, alongside the joy and sharing of the beloved pizza. The storytelling is told through the lens of dancing fingers – a ballerina, break-dancer, and athlete – each symbolising unique ways of eating the pizza, helping to transform regular year-end gatherings into an entertaining and engaging time.


Didi Pirinyuang, Executive Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide said, “Pizza as a food is truly a hands-on, messy mouth eating experience, and with the Cheesy Poppers Pizza and all its accompaniments, we wanted to showcase how fun it is for everyone. We wanted to bring the people to life for this unique edition by zooming in to focus on the hands as characters. By showing each character with their individual personas, we were able to showcase the different ways people enjoy pizza. Pull it, dip or double dip it or pop it – we wanted to celebrate how the pizza had everything to offer, while bringing people together in an exciting, explosive way.”

Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut said, “If there is one thing, we’re absolutely certain of, it’s how much our customers love cheese. The Cheesy Poppers Pizza is a fan favourite that only comes around at year-end. Now served with the new spicy cheese sauce, it brings this ultimate indulgence for cheese and pizza lovers alike. The Ensemble team have managed to deliver the right feels for this interactive, extra cheesy experience to the screen, and we hope all Malaysians will have fun watching and eating while they pull, dip-dip, pop.”

This is the fifth installment of Pizza Hut’s cheesy poppers pizza since it first launched in 2016. The pizza itself is designed to stimulate a playful and interactive eating experience to create moments of fun and bring people closer together through interesting ways of enjoying the pizza – from pulling the individual bites filled with cheese, to dipping the bites into cheesy sauce, and popping it into the mouth for enjoyment.

The limited-edition Cheesy Poppers Pizza has been introduced with a new Spicy Cheese Sauce to accompany the standard cheesy sauce dip. It is available via online orders (Pizza Hut app or website), in store, and takeaway, with up to RM7 off for the promotion.

The film released across digital platforms and TV, and thus far garnered almost 6 million views on YouTube.

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