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Campaign Spotlight: FF Paris and La Ligue Nationale de Rugby pay tribute to the Shield of Brennus with a cinematic piece

PARIS — The Bouclier de Brennus, or Brennus Shield in English, is a trophy awarded to the winners of the French rugby union domestic league. This trophy has been the dream of rugby lovers in France for 126 years. La Ligue Nationale de Rugby (French National Rugby League) unveils with FF Paris a cinematic piece paying tribute to this legendary Shield of Brennus. This epic film tells the extraordinary story of this object of veneration.

This “piece of wood”, as some call it, weighing about twenty kilos and decorated with a copper circle, has been the Grail of all the great players in the history of rugby in France since 1892, always transcended in the hope of one day brandishing it. Passed from hand to hand, from generation to generation, the Brennus Shield is the symbol of a collective historical adventure greater than rugby itself. It’s so hard to win that when players finally touch it with their fingers, they take it with them wherever they go. This is why this French sports monument has been the subject of extraordinary stories that La Ligue Nationale de Rugby wanted to tell throughout a campaign.

This campaign created by FF Paris, creative agency founded by Fred & Farid, gives an glimpse of this amazing epopee. Shot in a biopic atmosphere, this 86-second film tells the story of an iconic character, from his birth to nowadays, who has withstood the test of time, the evenings of drunken jubilation, the beatings of fans… and even drowning! Chapter after chapter, this cinematic piece has been conceived on a wrong path to finally revealing the identity of the hero of this epic story: Brennus’ insubmersible Shield.


This film directed by Thibaut Grevet was shot with real photographic film, in black and white. This treatment was chosen to create a visual object which the audience could enjoy beyond the stadiums and thus make discover this sport to the greatest number.

In addition an interactive storytelling platform enriches and documents the film chapter by chapter with dozens of testimonials from players, historians, photos and videos from the era allowing Internet users to immerse themselves in the history of the trophy.

Watch the video here: 

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