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Campaign Spotlight: Honda and Sid Lee invite drivers to rediscover their passion for the road in ‘Be Moved Again’

PARIS, FRANCE – After months of lock-down, many of us are beginning to adjust to the new normal, if we haven’t already. For many Europeans, this means the chance to re-experience the sensations they’ve been missing, and for Honda Lovers, this means getting back on the road. 

Honda recognizes that, for most people, priorities have shifted, and buying a new vehicule isn’t at the top of the list. That’s why the brand’s new campaign ‘Be Moved Again’, conceived by Sid Lee’s European bureau and Hakuhodo, is about reconnecting on an emotional level and it’s an invitation to revive those unique sensations we experience behind the wheel, a message that connects audiences globally.



‘Be Moved Again’ represents a new day, a new beginning. A soothing daydream, accompanied by a soft narration that reminds us of the driving sensations we’ve missed. The film helps us relive those feelings, like ‘the sense of calm at dawn, driving down an open road’ and ‘playing hide and seek with the sun’ and reminds us how urban driving is about ‘feeling the pulse of your city’. The film takes viewers on a quiet journey of the little things that are all- too-easy to take for granted. An artful symbol of new beginnings, endless exploration and the joy of driving a Honda.

In parallel to ‘Be Moved Again’, which is running online in European markets, Honda Motor Europe is giving audiences the chance to re-experience the joy of driving in their dealerships by offering test drives of their new electrified range of cars – an opportunity to reawaken emotions, sensations and memories.

“At Honda, we believe that brands cannot just go back to former communication messages, as if nothing had happened. Brands need to be conscious of how the past few months has affected their customers, adjust their communication with emotional intelligence, and adapt themselves to the new normal. We are proud to have created this new campaign, together with Sid Lee, that acknowledges the feelings and desires our customers may have missed, the challenges they are currently facing, and show a positive role for Honda.” – Fabrice Estève – Head of Marketing, Honda Motor Europe

“2020 and the covid crisis have brought the automotive paradox to a peak : an deep expectation from customers to rethink mobility and accelerate the electrification of the market paired with an unprecedent level of doubt & uncertainty about what the future will really look like. More than playing with a crystal ball, we just tried to reassert what the brand is famous for decades : product that you can trust to speak to the soul of the drivers, moving all of their senses. The emotions remain the same, only the technologies are now completely different, from pure electrified urban vehicule to hybrid SUV’s, Honda is showing us its belief in an electrified personal drive.” – Bruno Lee, Strategy Managing Director, Sid Lee Paris

Campaign Credits
Released June 29th, ‘Be Moved Again’ will run online in European markets.

Title: ‘Be Moved Again’ Airdate : June 29th  2020 (TBC) Territory: Europe

Brand: Honda Motor Europe

Head of Marketing and Product Planning: Sandra Hughes Marketing Communications Manager: Fabrice Estève
European Communications Manager: Joana Rourke 


Sid Lee Paris
President: Johan Delpuech
Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Art Director: Ludovic Gontrand, Yoann Plard
Copywriters: Chloé Lefour, Jillian Young
Strategy Managing Director: Bruno Lee
Strategist: Trisha Mitra
Group Account Director: Jean-baptiste Destabeau
Account Supervisor: Nicolas Boivin
Head of Production: Thomas Laget Producer: Benoit Fernandes

Managing Director: Katsui Ryoichi
Head of Strategist: Masahiko Iiyama
Group Account Director: Ren Masayuki

Director: Yoann Plard
Post-Production: Nightshift
Post-Production Supervisor: Béatrice Cousin
Grading: Maxime Mourey
Editing: Eymeric Nicolas
Sound Studio: Benzene
Music: Uprise – Benzene


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