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Campaign Spotlight: It’s 2022, here is a TikTok campaign featuring cheeky animated fruit

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Establishing an organic presence on TikTok is hard. In fact, winning over the young social network is something companies all over the world constantly discuss and fail at. So, in an alternative approach Danish-Guatemalan brand Pura Utz has teamed up with Bacon director Bine Bach for the new campaign Fruits in Boots.

The result? An orange snapping selfies in a mirror, a grape channeling Napoleon Dynamite, and a weird lemon stalking an apple to the sound of “Somebody’s Watching Me”.


The absurd and hilarious spots not only marks Pura Utz’ debut on TikTok but also features a line of bags made from apple leather, which is a bio-based material made from apple leftovers. Making the connection between product and dancing fruits less bizarre.

For Bine Bach, the campaign once again showcases her ability to effortlessly execute humor in short form, which she has also done in previous work for internet phenom Leandra Medine and designer Gelareh Mizrahi.

For the animated Pura Utz TikTok campaign, the director scanned faces of Pura Utz team members to use on the cheeky animated fruit. There. That is the sentence you want to start 2022 with.


Director: Bine Bach
Animation: Vince Ibay & Jessica Miller
Cast: Pura Utz

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