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Campaign Spotlight: Jess Kohl directs ‘The Power of Pause’ for Swiss running brand On

LONDON, UK — PRETTYBIRD filmmaker Jess Kohl has directed an anthem film for Swiss running apparel brand On. Featuring 3 athletes; Chloe Abbott in Kentucky; Stephen Adjaidoo in London; and Josh Amberger in Brisbane, the film spans 3 countries and was shot in person in London and remotely in Australia and the USA. Director Jess Kohl and production company PRETTYBIRD worked closely with On team on the casting and creative conception of the campaign.

The On apparel anthem film focuses on the power of pause, with the mindset that even when we take a break we’re recovering, refueling, rebuilding. ‘We slow down so we can react faster. When we commit to rest, we commit to performance,’’ says the voiceover of US athlete Chloe Abbott.


The creative concept of the campaign was to visually communicate the ‘pause’ element of the athletes’ process. So often sports campaigns focus on pushing oneself to the limits, so the directorial impulse behind this campaign aims to turn this narrative on its head, and instead focus on the moments in between the workouts. Director Jess Kohl explains: “We wanted the campaigns direction to reflect this – from the pace of the edit, to the cameras movement, to the sparse soundtrack.”

The power of pause: On’s Essentials help fuel up on new energy: Training plans, strength exercises and warm-up competitions are firmly ‘in’ right now. And all eyes are on this autumn’s coming running events. But what about the breaks: the days off, and the times before and after training? Swiss running brand On wants you to focus on these and hit “PAUSE”.

Jess Kohl commented: “We shot Chloe and Josh remotely, putting together talented teams across the different locations that allowed us to achieve our vision. DP’s Andrew Commis in Australia, Allison Anderson in Kentucky, and Joel Honeywell in the UK bought their unique skills to the campaign, and by sharing consistent references and keeping continuity in conversations about the visual language of the campaign, we were able to create a unified and elevated approach.”

Performance always takes centre stage within On’s apparel line. Lightness, comfort and distraction-free are key attributes of each single item. With its high- quality manufacture and its minimalist design, On’s apparel range apparel range is a trusted companion for running, day-to-day activities and home “officing” too.

On’s Essentials have become a reference for conscious and sustainable consumption – before, during and after sporting endeavors. Training, after all, never really stops: because while the body is at rest, its cells and muscles are still working hard. In fact, it’s in the recovery that the human body makes genuine wonders happen.

It can only do so, though, if its person feels completely at ease. On wanted to ensure that and has designed a new series of favorite apparel item, giving each of them its own special something.

On’s Autumn-Winter 2021 apparel collection will gradually be available at and at selected retailers from August 19th 2021 onwards.


On Running AW21 Apparel “The Power Of
Featuring Chloe Abbott, Stephen Adjaidoo & Josh Amberger
Director: Jess Kohl
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD UK
Executive Producer: Juliette Larthe
Producer: Benji Landman
Creative Lead: David Kauder
Art Director: Davy Renaud
Studio Producer: Anna White
Editor: Gaia Borretti
Edit House: The Assembly Rooms
Edit Producer: Josh Gochez
Edit Assistant: Andre Rodrigues
Colourist: Tim Smith
Post House: Cheat
Post Producer: Nicki Coombes
London Crew
Production Manager: Yazzmin Anderson-Moore Production Assistant / Covid Supervisor: Stephen Carruthers Production Assistant: Enrique Da Silva
1st Assistant Director: Clara Paris
2nd Assistant Director: Ato Yankey
Director of Photography: Joel Honeywell
Runner: Josh Haselden
1st AC: Hopi Dematio
2nd AC: Kairo Jones
Steadicam Op: Junior Agyeman
Gaffer: Chris Dowling
Electrician: Lex Tully
Sound Recordist: John Thorpe
Wardrobe: Emmanouela Megkistou
Wardrobe Van Driver: Dayo Olufemi
Art Department: Kat Docherty
Photographer: Nina Manandhar
Photographer Assistant: Arthur Comely
DIT: Chris Nunn
Video Playback: Ben McConnel
Medic: Chris Arnall
Camera Van Driver: Paris Tume
Minibus Driver: Mark Righelato
Minibus Driver: Lee Righelato
Camera supplied by: Panavision Lighting Supplied by Chris Dowling Radios: Lift & Shoot
Kentucky Crew
Service Production Company: Frame 144 Executive Producer: Scott Irick
Executive Producer: Kristina Dahl
Director of Photography: Allison Anderson Stills Photographer: Ben Rayner
1st AC: Kim Meffert
2nd AC: Mike Reyes
VTR: Marc Wellington
Gaffer: Mike Dickman
Best Boy Electric: JR McCleney
Key Grip: Daniel Williamson
Best Boy Grip: Jamie Pate
Art Director: James Wise
Sound Mixer: Brad Cassetto
Stylist and Makeup: Lesa Miller
Stylist Assistant: Sophia Hytken
PA: Craig Mullins
PA: Aaron Wiggen
Camera: SKM Ventures
Grip and Electric: Louisville Lighting & Grip VTR: CMG
WALKIES: KY Bluegrass Prod
Brisbane Crew

Production Company: Scoundrel Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro Producer: Holly Winter
Production Manager: Sarah MacKinnon
1st AD: Nick Embery
Director’s Assistant: Susan Jackson Runner: James Bacskay
DOP: Andrew Commis
1st AC: Bretty Tracey
2nd AC: Mark Desiatov
VTR Operator: Eric Downer
Sound Recordist: Paul Jones
Gaffer: Dan Michaud
Best Boy: Richard Boniface
Grip: Logan Collier
Ronin Tech: Mick Smith
Buyer / Dresser: Bea Berry
Wardrobe Asst: Sophie Borra
Location Manager: Dugald McMaster
Safety Supervisor: John Walton
Stills Photographer: Chris Gurney

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