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Campaign Spotlight: Johnson’s Baby honors all kinds of mothers in short film #DiKaNagiisa

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – On Mother’s Day, baby cosmetics and skin care products Johnson’s Baby paid tribute to all types of Filipino mothers with #DiKaNagiisa, a short film that captures the emotion and the hidden struggle and angst that all mothers face as she sings to her young child that “all will be okay.”

The film features different types of mothers singing their own versions of an original Johnson’s Baby lullaby. #DiKaNagiisa is a promise to every mom that they are not alone, and that they can find comfort in the company of the many other mothers who are facing the same challenges and hardships in life who are buoyed by their unconditional love for their children.


Standing proudly as every mother’s partner in their motherhood journey, JOHNSON’S Baby’s #DiKaNagiisa dedicates its Mother’s Day film to all mothers who have chosen to love unconditionally featuring real mothers with very real stories: social workers, foster moms, senior moms, and even mothers from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Jingky Adona is a child welfare worker whose chosen career is as a stand-in mother to orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children in a foster home. She became a mother to 10 children at the young age of 23 and just like most first-time moms, had her fair share of doubt and worries when it came to child-rearing.

Seeing her 10 children happy, healthy, and thriving tells her that all the hardship and anxiety was worth it and that she must have done something right. Today, Adona still cares for eight of the 10 children, from whom she draws strength and inspiration. Though she has never been a biological mother herself, she is proud to have cared for 37 children and 32 grandchildren over the last 24 years with her organization. She considers herself to be a “mother by choice,” choosing to keep giving her unconditional children who need her the most.

Masasabi kong isa akong nanay. Oo, hindi ko man niluwal ang mga anak ko pero iniluwal ko sila sa pamamaraan na binigyan ko sila ng panibagong pag asa sa buhay. Tinulungan ko sila na makita ang mundo na masarap ang mabuhay, na sa kabila ng mga pinagdaanan nila ay andito ako para punan ang mga nawala sa kanila.”

[“I can say that I am a mother. I may not have given birth to my children but I ‘gave birth’ to them by giving them renewed hope in life. I help them see that life is worth living despite their circumstances, and I am here to help fill in what they have lost.”]

Lola Rosalinda is an experienced mother who has raised a daughter and is currently raising her three grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She refers to her motherhood journey as her “sweetest challenge” though it has not been an easy one, marked by hardship and sacrifice brought by the constant struggle to make ends meet and yet be present for her family. Lola Rosalinda continues to find ways to make it work to provide for and be there for her family and make sure they feel her love.

“My journey to motherhood is the hardest but the sweetest challenge that I had in my life. I worked hard and sacrificed many things for my daughter, and it was tough to make ends meet then, but through all my hardships comes the sweetest moments that I had with her. I was constantly challenged by my busy schedule to find time to be with my daughter. How could I make her understand that what I was doing was all for her sake? How could I show her and make her feel how much I love her?”

Trans Mom Daniel believes that anyone can have a child and become a true parent if the definition of a real parent is someone who puts the welfare and well-being of their child above their own needs and wants. Daniel is proud to share that she has the capability to love her child unconditionally and has embraced her role as a mother. Parenthood has, however, added a layer of difficulty to her life as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but she continues to find strength in the support of her parents who are her rock even in the most difficult of times.

“Members of the LGBTQ+ community face a lot of challenges. At first, it was scary. I wasn’t prepared since it was unplanned, and being a first-time mother means you have to figure many things out. But I’m thankful to my parents who helped me until I knew what I needed to do to keep my child alive. [Having my own child] made me want to dream bigger dreams and want to achieve more in life to be able to provide for my child. Now I’m happy because I can see that my child is growing up as a caring and loving human being. I know we’re on the right path.”

On Mother’s Day and every day, Johnson’s Baby embraces and supports all mothers who choose to love unconditionally despite life’s difficulties, reminding them that #DiKaNagiisa.

To get to know our JOHNSON’S® moms and learn more about their unique stories, follow Johnson’s Baby on on Facebook and Instagram. Watch and share the Johnson’s Mother’s Day Film here.

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