Campaign Spotlight: Lingerie Brand Adore Me Is Here for What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day with Tank NY 


NEW YORK, NY – Adore Me lives up to its reputation as a disruptive pacesetter in e-commerce lingerie with a new campaign and rebranding effort that will come to life on television and social media, tied to Valentine’s Day, breaking today. The campaign is focused on supporting all women, at all times. On Valentine’s Day, the brand does this by simply listening to what women really want.

ADORE ME PRESENTS: What Do You Really Want For Valentine’s Day?

The centerpiece of the comprehensive new marketing effort is a :60 film that features women’s comments on Reddit answering the question . . . What do you really want for Valentine’s Day?  These confident women, of all shapes and sizes, proudly wearing beautiful lingerie, tell it like it is: “Drink champagne out of the bottle and bang a few times” . . . “My student loans paid off” . . . “To be dominated.”

The film, created by Tank New York ends with the tagline: “Whatever you want to do in our lingerie.  Adore Me.  Here for it.” The film will air on social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Television commercials, both :15 and :30s, round out the mix along with a brand new visual identity and website.

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, the CEO and Founder of Adore Me said, “No matter who you are, or who you dream of being, we’re just here to support you.  We’re committed to never telling you how to act -- and all the messy, honest parts of yourself are what make you human.  We’re here for it. All of it.”

Adore Me is a leading women’s lingerie, swimwear, and activewear company based in New York City. They provide a unique and body-positive shopping experience for all women by offering a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus-size. They believe deeply in supporting all women, whatever they do and whoever they are.




Advertiser: Adore Me

Spot Title: Here For It

First Air Date: January 15, 2020

Agency:  Tank NY


VP, Executive Producer: Katy Hill

Director of Photography: Thomas Simon

Executive Producer: Michael Sapienza

Line Producer: Louis Simonelli

Producer: Kyle Davis

Audio Engineer: Dante DeSole

Creative Consultants: Asan Aslam, Cara Cecchini, Katherine O’Brien, Jackie Blaze, Mia Rafowitz, Brian Lai, Audrey Choe

Editor (person & company):

Joshua Berger, Cosmo Street

Paolo Solarte, Senior Producer Cosmo Street

Colorist: Sal Malfitano, Nice Shoes

Finishing: Switch FX
Flame Artist: Rob Meade
Senior Finishing Producer: Cara Flynn
Assistant Finishing Producer: Jake Weeks

Principal Talent: Emily Tolnay, Kristin Muri, M. Lavora Perry, Ruth Maria Flores, Iyanla Galletti, Hadley Boyd, Andrea Christensen, Allison Bedell

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