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Campaign Spotlight: McCann Lima campaign led Burger King to change the game and ask for delivery to its restaurants

LIMA, PERU – “Hello. I need a lunch for a Burger King restaurant.” This call may surprise anyone and is what has been happening in the capital of Peru thanks to “Delivery a Burger King” campaign, an idea developed by McCann Worldgroup Lima for this brand which consisted of asking for a delivery service to its restaurants from several local entrepreneurs that are in the same business.



Thus, each worker of Burger King had the opportunity to choose a Peruvian dish of their preference within a menu of three options characterized by being “bien taypa” (“a big meal”) and fresh, just like the iconic Whopper hamburger. Lunches were provided by small shops such as “Doña María”, “Aurora’s menu”, “Luis’s kitchen”, “Pollería Tavito”, “Sabor Sazón” and “Tulpa”, among a total of 20, who made 400 deliveries.

This way, the restaurant chain went against its nature as a food provider and gave recognition to its hundreds of frontline workers, in addition to supporting different local SMEs to help them cope with the crisis caused by Covid-19 and reactivate the essential human talent.

Miluska Jiménez Espinoza, Brand Manager at Burger King, said that “we are aware that having solidarity is the key to moving forward as a country, that we must keep its culinary delights alive, especially among our collaborators, who are our frontline heroes. Thanks to them our grills are still on, cooking the best hamburgers for all Peruvians.”

“Burger King is a meaningful brand in the lives of Peruvians and to increase that bond we looked for an idea that would allow the company to maintain its disruptive tone and to demonstrate its commitment to the local economy by valuing those who share one of its main characteristics: fresh food”, said Christian Caldwell, CCO of McCann Lima.

Advertiser: Burger King Perú
Brand Manager: Miluska Jiménez
Head of Marketing: Christian Córdova
PR: Alejandra Talavera
Creative Agency: McCann Lima
Chief Creative Officer: Christian Caldwell
Head of Art: Oscar Paredes
Copywriting: Christian Caldwell
Graphic Designer: Oscar Paredes
Business Leader Executive: Andrea Pineda
Production: CRAFT Lima
Audiovisual Director: Mauricio Hidalgo
Assistant Manager: Sebastián Olmos
Production supervisor: Carla Dextre
Audiovisual Production: Lucía Avilez
Postproduction: Daniela Carhuanca

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