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Campaign Spotlight: Ocean Outdoor and LONDON Advertising promote impact of outdoor digital advertising

LONDON, UK – After the success of LONDON Advertising’s advertising campaign to promote LONDON Advertising on Ocean Outdoor’s super premium digital screens (with brand awareness up by 50% – as verified by Populus research, web visits up by 2,735% and five new client wins since the campaign launched), Ocean and LONDON Advertising are promoting the effectiveness of OOH with a new series of ads.

The results-led work uses LONDON Advertising’s look and feel so that other businesses can quickly connect the results pithily communicated in the headlines with the original campaign, with the agency’s tagline (“This is an advert for LONDON Advertising”) replaced with the line “That’s Ocean Outdoor for you.”

The ads are running during November and December on selected prime Ocean Outdoor sites across London and the UK.


As Stephen Woodward, CEO of the Advertising Association said about the campaign: “LONDON Advertising’s use of outdoor was brilliant. It stopped me in my tracks and I got off my bike to take a photo of it”.

Tim Bleakley, CEO of Ocean Outdoor said “We use every opportunity to showcase the benefits of our premium out of home assets in building brand power. That fact that LONDON Advertising’s B2B awareness campaign performed so well is a great case study, and we are pleased to be able to share the results in this way.”

Michael Moszynski, CEO of LONDON Advertising, added “We are big fans of outdoor for building brand awareness and even bigger fans of Ocean’s digital sites. We only advertised for one month and the results exceeded our every hope, so it only goes to show that great Outdoor sites combined with great creative delivers a powerful punch.”

LONDON Advertising launched its own poster campaign between July 6th to 31st exclusively on Ocean Outdoor’s super-premium digital posters across the UK.

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