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Campaign Spotlight: People are building monsterhood in Taiwan in Taiwan Life insurance’s new campaign by McCanN

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Taiwan Life insurance’s ‘We are all your bro’ campaign launched during CNY by McCann Taiwan includes an animated film, mural advertising, LINE stickers, and a children’s book.

‘We are all your bro’ was created in response to the young people in Taiwan who feel like they don’t fit in. The spot follows a monster, Giant, visiting his monster friend Ah Long in the city but is misunderstood as an intruder by a human.


For the past 3 years, a team consisting of 100 people from animation studios in different countries has been working together to materialize the first Taiwanese monster. The two monsters, Ah Long and Giant, were inspired by and symbolized Taiwanese friendlessness and dreams.

“Ah long is the oldest IP in Taiwan and is loved by many. We want to add a character that represents young people in Taiwan. Taiwan has the second-highest level of stress in the world, with our youth growing up in constant fear. For that reason, we give Giant a hard, thick skin that can protect himself from others.”

Moreover, the film offers free advertising for Taiwanese startups by hiding their names in different scenes, to motivate more young entrepreneurs in Taiwan to fulfill their dreams.

Making sure no one is left behind; the campaign extends the storyline in the children’s book to empower children to flourish their imagination and draw their ideal monster. The finished drawings are then given to Graffiti artists who will recreate and bring them into reality in multiple locations, making Taiwan the highest monster density place on earth.

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