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Campaign Spotlight: Romance and Intermarché release “Je t’aime Trop” to Promote Loyalty Program

FRANCE – We’ve all heard that sentence when we were children, but we didn’t really believe in it. But when Léa sees the tallest boy in her school eating soup in the cafeteria, she starts to wonder: is it actually true?

Parents aren’t just talking nonsense? And how much soup does she have to eat in order to reach the upper-most corners of the closet where the things she “loves too much” are stored? That’s what Eddy Mitchell and Les Chaussettes Noires sing about in “Je t’aime Trop (I love you too much), which accompanies the campaign “Fidélité”, the latest chapter in Intermarché’s Better Eating saga.

Watch the campaign here:


Everyone, Léa and her parents included, knows, since the release of the last two campaigns, “L’Amour, l’Amour” and “J’ai Tant Rêvé” that when it comes to eating better, Intermarché is the place to go. Especially now that the brand has launched its brand-new loyalty card, which rewards customers with discounts for their purchases of fruits and vegetables. The campaign features Intermarché’s trademark features – once again, a French song, once again, a boatload of cuteness, and once again, tons of vegetables. However, while the campaign follows the recipe that made the saga such a success, Intermarché has refreshed the look, adopting a slightly lighter, more dynamic and playful tone. To find out what Léa’s after, take a look at the new spot, “Je t’aime Trop”, which was developed by Romance and Rudi Rosenberg (Insurrection):

Alexandre Hervé, Executive Creative Director, Romance, notes: “lntermarché’s battle to help people eat better every day remains a guiding compass and we continue to build the brand’s territory. But we also wanted to make the emotion of the film evolve by favouring a comedy and a more “rock” song in order to differentiate our position about fidelity.”

Christophe Lichtenstein, President, Romance, notes: “We are digging a unique path, whether it is to enhance the quality of the offer, innovation, own brands or this time customer relationship. lntermarché has redefined the codes of the category, it is now our duty to keep a consistent message.”

Brand Credits:
Strategic and Operational Marketing Director: Caroline Puechoultres
Marketing Manager: Vincent Bronsard
Brand and Communications Director: Vincent Fievre
External Communications Manager: Veronique Legueult I Camille Sassi
Advertising Director: Augustin de Vulpian
Advertising Manager: Sandrine Bousquet I Mallorie Baluteau

Agency Credits:
President: Christophe Lichtenstein
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Herve
Director Strategy: Romain Roux
Copywriters: Philippe Pinel I Virgile Lassalle
Art Director: Vincent Boursaud
Associate Director: Marie-Laure Dangeon I Emilie Franck
Account Director: Damien Carlhian
Executive Account Manager: Anne-Claire Le Moguedec
TV Producer: Emilie Talpaert
Director: Rudi Rosenberg
Production company: Insurrection
Sound production: THE

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