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Campaign Spotlight: Serviceplan Spain’s ‘Emociónate’ campaign highlights Valencia’s Palau de Les Arts’ importance as a cultural centre in pandemic times

VALENCIA, SPAIN — El Palau de Les Arts (Les Arts) is a globally recognized cultural building, and an iconic art centre in Valencia. Located within Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, one of the greatest architectural gems of world-class architect Santiago Calatrava, Les Arts has undoubtedly been an important part of the cultural and tourist revolution of Valencia and Spain.

However, despite the fact that more than several people visit the City of Sciences area – comprising the Hemisferic (IMAX cinema), Science Museum and Oceanogràfic (one of the largest aquariums in Europe) annually, the Les Arts programme is still unknown to many Valencian citizens and visitors.

Although the Les Arts building is seen as one of the most iconic architectural symbols of Valencia, its high quality and varied programming – which is on a par with the great European opera houses and theatres – doesn’t have the level of recognition it deserves.


Serviceplan Spain developed a campaign that will give more exposure to Les Arts and its unparalleled cultural program, by bringing people closer to the content of the space itself. So the Emociónate en Les Arts campaign was conceived in order to communicate the wide variety of performing arts and cultural offerings available to people at Les Arts, and was also composed with conventional offline and digital ads and actions. The translation of Emociónate is “Feel the emotions”.

At the heart of the campaign was an installation involving placing 10 large supports outside Les Arts, on the promenade closest to the other frequented by visitors to the City of Sciences, in order to make it visible from all angles.

For each of the 10 letters making up the word E-M-O-C-I-Ó-N-A-T-E, visuals representing different artistic disciplines of the cultural program of Les Arts were applied to decorate the letter. The letters had a striking design and were made with a light-reactive “iridescent” ink, so that when night fell, the entire word was illuminated and was visible from a distance in different parts of the city, having the effect of drawing more visitors to the building like moths to a flame. Each of the 10 supports also incorporated a QR code which passers-by could scan that linked to videos of shows in the Les Arts cultural programme, as well as a Spotify code which enabled people to listen to music related to the programme.

To further encourage citizens to get closer to the area of the building itself, different strategic points were set up around the Palau de les Arts, inviting citizens to take their own photographs or selfies from these points of special visibility of the creative ensemble.

Thus, through this simple creativity, framed within a wider communication campaign, Les Arts became the first showcase of its offer through this spectacular and eye-catching OOH campaign focused on the great figures and shows in the building’s environment conceived the EMOCIÓNATE campaign to inform the existing audience whilst attracting a new audience, by visualising the joint or individual offer of each show with the installation, as well as with conventional offline and digital ads and digital actions.

Agency: Serviceplan Spain
Client: Palau de Les Arts
Title: Emociónate en LES ARTS
Creative directors: Marc Calbo, Roberto Blaco
Art director: Roberto Blasco, Carlos Avellana
Planning director: Luis Piquer
Digital director: Javier Ruiz
Account director: Diego Valiente
Client services supervisor: Rafael Serra
Producer: Carlos Avellana
Media Agency: Havas Media

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