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Campaign Spotlight: ŠKODA and Rosapark Give Us the “Key” to Ending the Year on a Good Note

2019 was a remarkable year for ŠKODA. This year ŠKODA’s results were even stronger than last, with +12.6% registration in France by the end of November 2019, even as the automotive market is in stagnation. Even more notable, their communication has increased, with the help of its agency Rosapark: “Ugly in the 90’s” which won picked up a number of awards, notably an Effie Gold in 2019…), as well as “Doug The Dog””, campaigns that make ŠKODA the most creative car brand on the market. These campaigns prove that ŠKODA dares to be original and offbeat in order to surprise and appeal to consumers through ad creation.

So to shine the light on ŠKODA‘s innovative wherewithal, Rosapark decided to wow us with a new campaign.


This time the focus is on the ŠKODA key, which can store the settings of each driver.

Throughout the brand’s transformation, underway for the past 3 years, “ŠKODA has been listening to consumers, putting all of our energy into finding ways to make people’s daily lives easier” explains Paul Barrocas, Marketing Director of ŠKODA France.

As Sacha Lacroix, Managing Director of Rosapark, puts it: “ŠKODA does the hardest part – they uncover compelling consumer insights. We simply identify potential subjects and highlight them in the most surprising and creative way possible so people open their eyes and notice this beautiful brand! ”

The advantage of this key is that it puts an end to that universal frustration we all have when we lend someone our car: that of finding your car’s settings have been all changed around! The seat pushed up too close to the steering wheel, adjusted mirrors, air conditioning blasting, radio stations with questionable tastes… It’s annoying enough as it is in daily life, but imagine what would happen in an emergency!

This is precisely the reason Rosapark created this new Hollywoodian police story – the story of two cops, “Will & Chuck”, who never get the chance to pursue the suspects they’re after……never.

Gilles Fichteberg, Co-Founder of Rosapark and Creative Director: “As a challenger brand, we must always go a step further in entertainment to get noticed. With this film, we propel viewers into a cinematographic genre that they know and love, we create a bond with enduring characters, positioning ŠKODA in an ever more positive dynamic.

The agency again entrusted the film’s direction to the talented Jean-Baptiste Saurel – who was at the helm of “Ugly in the 90’s” – for this comical farce.

The campaign launches Monday, December 16th on social media with the hashtag #WillEtChuck. It will also be distributed through a digital media plan, with a focus on the 30” version. In parallel, Rosapark worked with Google to create a new tool on Google Street View which allows online users to chase the blue van for the chance to win a round-trip voyage for 2 to Los Angeles!


Marketing Director: Paul Barrocas
Head of Communication Department: Marie-Charlotte Bosvieux
Head of Advertising and Media: Céline Hahn
Head of Digital & Social Networks : Stéphanie Cantau
Network Marketing Manager : Émilie Le Mentec:
Customer Experience & Data Performance Manager : Sébastien Toussaint

Co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg & Jean-François Sacco
Managing Director: Sacha Lacroix
Copywriter: Julien Perrard
Artistic Director: Nicolas Hurez
Head of TV Production: Elodie Jonquille
Consulting Director: Romain Bruneau
Group Leader: Maxime Persuy
Account Manager: Romane Drosdziok
CRM / PRM Project Manager: Amandine Mory
Production print: Delphine Cotellon
Head of Digital Strategy : Jeanne Neuschwander
Social Media Manager : Clément Bonnet
Social media creative teams : Léo Palti, Julien Thibon, Pierre Bonnet, Athina Perroux, Pierre René Martin et Aike Westra

RP & Influence : Mélanie Colléou

Director: Jean Baptiste Saurel
Producer: Kasia Staniaszek & Pierre Rambaldi
Chief Operator: Adam Frisch
Production Manager: Driss Lumbroso
Sound studio: Schmooze
Post production: Firm
Google Street View Production: G.Easy


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