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Campaign Spotlight: State Insurance highlights Kiwis’ most mistake prone moments in latest campaign by Colenso BBDO

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — State, the insurance company for people with “too busy” lives, has worked closely with Colenso BBDO to collate a range of mistake prone trends to help Kiwis glide through 2022 pitfall-free.

The State Insurance Mistake Report has ventured beyond our most mistake prone days of the week to unearth other nuggets of helpful information – such as, garages are the most mistake prone space in the house, people called ‘John’ make the most mistakes, and there is zero truth to the superstition that more things go wrong when there’s a full moon.


Over four million data streams were reviewed, including more than 210,000 car, home and contents insurance claims, as well as publicly available NZ Police, NZ Transport, Statistics NZ and weather data to create the Mistake Report*.

State Marketing Manager, Gabrielle Marwick-Brown says highlighting Kiwis’ most mistake-prone moments in an engaging and relatable way will hopefully help people avoid making as many of them.

“We wanted to use this data to help better protect New Zealanders. While State will always be here to help Kiwis get back on their feet if they make a mistake, our customers tell us time and again that preventing mistakes from happening in the first place is always preferable to dealing with the aftermath.”

To offer a unique experience for Kiwis, State and Colenso also produced The Personalised Mistake Report. An online tool that anyone can use to be more mindful about what types of common mistakes could be in their future.

CIO for Colenso BBDO, Maria Devereux says, “What the Mistake Report shows is that there is a huge amount of risk we actually can foresee. By predicting mistakes, State is in the unique position to show up for customers before they lodge a claim, and actually help them avoid doing so in the first place.”

State’s latest Mistake Report campaign launched 14 February with a 30“film, supported by digital and print campaigns directing New Zealand to the website.

Get your own Personalised Mistake Report, visit: www.state.co.nz/mistakereport


*Analysis includes State claims data, 1 July 2019-30 June 2021 and publicly available police, NZ Transport, Statistics NZ and weather data, 1 January-31 December 2020.


Client: IAG
Client: Renee Milkop-Kerr EM Marketing
Client: Gabrielle Markwick-Brown, Marketing Manager State
Client: Jo Harding, Lead Brand State
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Media Agency: PHD Media
Any other partners: DRUM

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