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Campaign Spotlight: Statue in Seine outfitted with life jacket by Rosapark to warn against global warming for GoodPlanet Foundation

by Theda Braddock

Paris has made international headlines over the last few weeks for its flooding. But, while we were snapping photos of the waters spilling over the banks and onto the city’s quaint quais and picturesque cobblestone streets, one ad agency was forming a project to urge the public to consider the bigger picture. Working pro-bono for the GoodPlanet Foundation, an institution invested in promoting environmental awareness, agency Rosapark was taking the initiative to create an engaging image to send around the world.

Since the flooding began, all eyes have been on the infamous Zouave statue, which is affixed to the Seine’s Pont de l’Alma. It is regularly used as a gage for the city’s officials and its habitants to easily measure the river’s water levels. Rosapark and the GoodPlanet Foundation seized their opportunity just as the waters started to recede, outfitting the statue with a giant life jacket, and posting a banner warning onlookers to “Get Ready for Global Warming”. A metaphor for our struggle against climate change and an appeal to act urgently.


Photo credit by Laurent Sacco

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