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Campaign Spotlight: Supervielle and Together w/ launch a new edition of the campaign #QueSeEscuche

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The times when March 8 was synonymous with the discount season for women are gone, confirming, paradoxically, biases that cannot be postponed in order to achieve equity. Times have changed and brands have understood their responsibility regarding their role as communicators. This responsibility is magnified on such emblematic dates as 8M.

Aware of the importance of making female protagonists visible as a key factor of change, Grupo Supervielle, together with Together w/, launches the second edition of the #QueSeEscuche initiative, which seeks to provide a space for women to express their feelings and decide the message to transmit regarding the 8M, in such a way that the commemoration campaign is built with their voices.


In this context, and under the slogan “Listen from the inside out”, the initiative this year was to invite the women of the Group to leave a message on the internal Workplace platform. The participation was numerous, forceful, very mobilizing. As planned, five of them were selected, and their authors transformed them into audio to be illustrated and published on March 8 on the Instagram account. These five stories will work as a starting point so that more women are encouraged to express what they feel on this special day.

The objective of Grupo Supervielle in this campaign is to generate this space to enhance the message of women and give them the greatest possible visibility.

“As in 2021, in this 8M we want to promote a message that authentically and literally represents women, for which we found it essential that communication in this commemoration reflect their voices, starting with those of our teams. Let them, in the first person, express their feelings, let us listen to them, and by doing so, be able to mobilize the necessary levers to accelerate the step towards gender equality”, said Alejandra Naughton, Director of Banco Supervielle, sponsor of the Program of Diversity and Inclusion of the Group.

Luisina Bravo Visciglia, director of the account, added: “The 8M is a day where the leading role, without a doubt, must be placed on women and not on brands. For this reason, we understand that part of accompanying brands in this process of change and awareness includes knowing how to get out of the center of the scene and leave space for the messages that really matter on this day.”



CEO: Santiago Puiggari
CCO: Lulo Calió
Manager Digital: Cruz Mujica
Art Direction: Agustina Fernandez // Camil Camarero
Copy: Florencia Guevara // Virginia Viera
Ilustrator: Marisol Rekofsky
Account Director: Luisina Bravo Visciglia
Account Supervisor: Florencia Fedirka
Account Executive: Catalina Rodriguez
Social Media Manager: Evelyn de La Serna
Community Manager: Nicolás Rivara
Audiovisual Production Chief: Pollo Bustos
Audiovisual Production: Carola Damigella
Client Responsible: Sabrina Garsco // Vanina Moreira

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