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Campaign Spotlight: TBWA\Malaysia and U Mobile honor the real heroes on Malaysia Independence Day

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Coming out of a two-year nationwide lockdown, this year’s Merdeka (Malaysian Independence Day) and Malaysia Day is a welcomed public holiday when families and friends can celebrate together. In light of this, telecommunications provider U Mobile wanted to remind Malaysians the true spirit behind Merdeka and Malaysia Day.

Bernard Lee, the head of brand and marketing services of U Mobile said, “Every generation is capable [of showing the] same courage and resilience of generations before. Important thing is for us to never forget our roots, embrace our history, and honor heroes so that this generation is able to enjoy true freedom and independence in this age and era.”


The film, which went live on August 26, depicted the sacrifices of Malaysian heroes who fought bravely to achieve independence for Malaysia.

In partnership with Mojo Films, the film paid tribute to those who made it possible for Malaysians to celebrate Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The film reflected the nation’s original front-liners, army veterans or Malaysian soldiers, who really fought for independence.

The production was worked on with Barney Chua, 30-year commercial film veteran who has directed countless films for Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day, and he said, “Every Merdeka day is a soul-searching time for us. As film-makers, exploring the theme of patriotism means having to question what makes one truly Malaysian. I must admit, finding a common theme all Malaysians can get behind and rallying up the spirit of nationalism without relying on school text book interpretations of patriotism and propaganda is pretty tough.”

At the heart of film is a message of gratitude inspired by true events. The story follows Adam who is sent by his mother to deliver a parcel to Pak Ngah, a distant family relative whom Adam knows little about. This chance of a meeting with Pak Ngah and his friends, Johnny and Selvem, sends Adam down a curious path where he discovers their incredible past.

“From the fishermen who brave the rough seas to the teachers who instilled in us the importance of education, we express our gratitude. Malaysia didn’t turn up on a map overnight. So many people have contributed to a country that we can be proud of, that we can be loyal to, today,” said TBWA\Malaysia Associate Creative Director Kenny Pang.


Title: JASA | Hari Kebangsaan & Hari Malaysia 2022

Agency: TBWA KL
Media: Digital TBWA KL
Chief Executive Officer: Yee Hui Tsin
Chief Creative Officer: Gigi Lee
Deputy ECD: Fazlee Sabbaruddin
Associate Creative Director: Kenny Pang
Art Director: Kenny Pang
Graphic Designer: Koh Xian En
Copywriter: Chow Jann Rong
Copywriter: Mariana Lim
Copywriter: Zulkhairi Zakaria
Executive Producer: Nisha Khiruddin
New Business Director: Theresa Arthur
Senior Brand Director: Jerry Lim
Brand Executive: Kimberly Teo

Production by Mojo Films
Film Director: Barney Chua
Executive Producer: Phoo Keng Hui
Sound and Music by Reeltime Studio

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