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Campaign Spotlight: The Lincoln Aviator’s Latest Shorts Capture the Middle East’s Entrepreneurial Spirit in Three Parts

SINGAPORE – Lincoln worked closely with GTB and electriclimefilms to produce three inspirational films, with a focus on the entrepreneurial spirit to promote ‘The Lincoln Aviator’, launching in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

Lincoln ‘Aviator | Inspiration’, watch all 3 shorts below.


Director Josh Hayward and DOP Tommy Daguanno engaged harmoniously to incorporate captivating examples of a new and flourishing Middle East, featuring three entrepreneurs proud of their Arab culture and traditions while confidently forging new paths.

The tone of these stories are thoughtful and inspiring, grounded in the notion of the Aviator as an incubator — a space for these characters to be themselves and to think freely as they go forward on their path. Each story shows a glimpse into the optimistic mind of the characters, showing their lives as we hear their personal monologues. We see the world as they do, a place filled with opportunity, even a bit of wonder, where people are bold enough to make their own path. This tone comes through in moments of confidence and connection, where the characters are fully engaged in their pursuits, eyes shining with the glint of possibilities.

Three part series for Lincoln – The Innovator, The Journey, and The Teacher:

1. Lincoln ‘Aviator | The Innovator’


2. Lincoln ‘Aviator | The Journey’


3. Lincoln ‘Aviator | The Teacher’


A look behind the scenes of Lincoln ‘Aviator | Inspiration’


A conversation behind the scenes: NYC based Director Josh Hayward has shot campaigns around the world for renowned brands and clients, but shooting in the Middle East, for Lincoln ‘Aviator’, was a first for him.

“The crew and gear available in Dubai is world class. For context, the art director on this project had recently worked on one of the J.J. Abrams Star Wars films. There’s been tentpole feature films and high-end commercial production happening in the region for a long time, so the skill and tools are available, which is fantastic. The options for locations and casting are a bit more limited, but it just depends on what the story needs.

This story called for beautiful city and desert landscapes, and Dubai might be the best city in the world for that combination. I did have to shift my usual approach to selecting and filming interior spaces, in that I’m generally drawn to locations with history and texture, but the city is so new that most locations have a very crisp feel to them. We got around that by using a lot of practicals and hard light to add some extra visual interest,” said Hayward about his experience on set in Dubai and his ethos as a filmmaker and storyteller.

“Filming in Dubai was a great experience. It’s one of the things that I love about commercial filmmaking – you can fly into a production hub anywhere in the world, and while each region has its unique qualities, the essential process is the same,” he added.



Client: Lincoln (Ford)
Director: Josh Hayward
DOP: Tommy Daguanno
Agency: GTB
Digital Business Director: Ben Schwartz
Associate Creative Director: Ahmed El Sherif
Senior Art Director: Salma Rihawi
Senior Producer: Shubha Bharill
Senior Digital Account Manager: Dalia Shendy
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Senior Producer: Chaza Said
Assistant Director: Rory Cavanagh
Production Managers: Rine-Dala Nahas, Alia Abouraya
Production Assistants: Layal Mooti, Mariam Gabunia, Christine Wilson
Production Runner/Driver: Shanavaz + Mustafa
Equipment Rental: Gamma Engineering
1st AC: Tony Ibrahim
2nd AC: Charlie Fer Sanchez
VTO: Michael Mkar
DIT: Damiano Fieramosca
Gaffer: Muhammed Rizwan
Key Grip + Tracking Vehicle Driver: Michael Klam
Best Boy/Grip Assistant: Jeffrey Muli, Ronel Yumul
Spark: Muhammed Bilal, Muhammed Amir
Helper/Driver: Abdelfattah, Umair Alam
Location Manager: Nasser Ahmed
Wardrobe: Micaela Cigala
Hair & Makeup Artist: Sarah-Jane
Editors: Alia Abouraya/Mariam Gabunia/Damiano Fieramosca/Pabz Alexander
Props Master: Max Molchanov
Props Assistant: Melvin + Marco
Car Detailer: Ignacio
Tracking Car Technician: Dragan Stefenovic
Aviator Precision Driver: Ron Oakley
Casting Director: Rine-Dala Nahas
Talents: Niloofar, Ghaith, Farhad, Amer, Farhad, Malak, Ali Farouk, Amer Abdulrahman, Ammor
Colorgrading: Alexia Salingaros

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