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Campaign Spotlight: The Salvation Army is collaborating with anyone these days

OSLO, NORWAY — Take it from 70-year-old Jorun: “Anyone who knows a thing or two about fashion knows that things go in and out of style.”

This cyclical nature of fashion paired with a global awareness of sustainability has contributed to second-hand shopping becoming a go-to for a lot of people these days. And now Fretex (the largest second-hand retailer in Norway and part of the Norwegian Salvation Army) is taking the popularity of the vintage shops even further.

In a new campaign, Fretex is giving anyone the possibility of doing a ‘collab’ with them by donating clothing and signing up via an online collab generator.

The campaign’s visual, styled exclusively in second-hand clothing from Fretex, is directed by Eivind Landsvik who toys with the evaporating distinction between high fashion and vintage. The film is produced by Bacon and made with Anorak as agency.

Mixing aesthetics and humor Landsvik creates a playful universe where regular people are turned into fashion icons.

Besides being the largest second-hand store chain in Norway, Fretex is also the nation’s largest vocational rehabilitation program.


Agency: Anorak
Creatives: Pål Høyer-Andreassen & Magnus Høgberg Hansen
Production Company: Bacon
Director: Eivind Landsvik
Producer: Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg
PM: Vittoria Røkke Passalacqua
DP: Andreas Bjørseth
Stylist: Yasmin Hassan
Editor: Eivind Landsvik
Sound design: Andreas Waag Martinsen
Grading: Julian Alary
Online: Markus Sætre
Music licensing: Goran Obad/Ohlogy

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