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Campaign Spotlight: “The Value of Touch”: NIVEA’s first NFT is sold out after only 3 days

HAMBURG, GERMANY — Skincare brand NIVEA’s first venture into the world of NFTs proved highly successful: After the activation was launched on December 13, the 15,000 available units were gone within less than 72 hours. The digital artwork that was made available for free to showcase the value of touch is part of NIVEA’s “The Value of Touch” project, one of many endeavors inspired by NIVEA’s brand purpose “Care for Human Touch to Inspire Togetherness”, through which the brand supports human touch projects to promote the quality of life for people at risk of loneliness. To make the accessibility aspect come full circle, consumers did not need a crypto wallet nor even any knowledge about the blockchain – everyone was able to easily claim their NFT. Once claimed, the NFT could also be gifted, an attractive function ahead of the holidays that helped boost the campaign.

The high interest exceeded NIVEA’s expectations. The brand used their social channels to thank everyone who claimed their free art: “We’re thrilled to see the impact of the project and we want to thank everyone who claimed their limited-edition free NFT. Although our 15.000 NFTs are sold out, Clarissa Baldassarri‘s story will always be an inspiration and a reminder of the value of touch in our lives”. For many people, it was their first venture into the NFT world. A logical next step for the relationship between the skincare brand and its consumers; for many of whom NIVEA products have represented “firsts” in their lives – the first deodorant or the first skin care product. Affordability is part of NIVEA’s essence, so being the first mass brand to offer NFTs for free allowed consumers to experience this exclusive metaverse first-hand. NIVEA plans on continuing to venture into the web 3.0 in future projects.

The project was developed by Publicis OneTouch, a bespoke agency model from Publicis Groupe for NIVEA. Kim Piquet, Executive Director Social, PR, and Platform Creativity, Publicis One Touch: “We looked at NFTs through a different angle than that of exclusivity. Our NFT is valuable not because it is rare, but because it is free.”

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