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Campaign Spotlight: Tongue-twisting tribute to Buwan Ng Wika, Johnson & Johnson Listerine and Wunderman Thompson PH

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – For Buwan ng Wika, Listerine and Wunderman Thompson Philippines celebrates the Filipino language with a campaign that not only showcases the benefits of a strong and healthy mouth, but also the beauty of our Filipino language.

Various local studies show that there has been a rapid decline in the Filipino youth’s proficiency in their own language. One of the reasons for this is that there’s a lack of proper awareness and application for the Filipino language in our media and pop culture due to globalization.


As mouths and speaking the language go hand in hand, Listerine and Wunderman Thompson Philippines launched “Listerine BIBIGkasin Challenge”—a series of Filipino tongue twisters made into playful posters that remind the youth of how beautiful and descriptive the Filipino language can be. True to the nature of how Filipino tongue twisters are constructed, the campaign told colorful stories about the benefits of having a strong and healthy mouth. And when said out loud, it gets to test the mouth of the participants in a fun and challenging way.

To further promote the campaign, Listerine invited people to try it themselves on social media with #ListerineBibigkasinChallenge.

 “Listerine is a brand that stands for keeping mouths ready for any challenge such as germs, bad breath, teeth staining…and now even the difficult yet beautiful words of the Filipino language.” said Fitz Domingo, Senior Brand Manager of Johnson & Johnson Philippines. “This occasion has given us the opportunity to promote further the Filipino language and also incorporate our own product benefits for them to achieve good oral health.”

So for Buwan ng Wika, the beauty of the Filipino language was seen and heard loud and clear through strong and healthy mouths.


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