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Campaign Spotlight: UBXED presents ”Hush”, a short film on talking to kids about job loss

MALAYSIA — According to a report from The Washington Post, the pandemic destroyed at least 225 million full-time jobs worldwide in 2020. A job loss affects the whole family. It is a family crisis that is visible to children’s perception. Children can sense when something is wrong even when parents do not talk about it. And keeping a job loss quiet is difficult when children know that certain things they were used to cannot be enjoyed anymore.

Losing one’s job is extremely stressful, and losing a job during the current pandemic is especially painful. The impact on self-esteem can be devastating resulting in anxiety and depression. Parents become easily irritable at home. The anxiety and depression can spill over to the children.


According to experts, talking about job loss to children is encouraged. It helps to address their concerns and confusion about what is happening in the family. What to tell and how much to tell depends on the child’s age. Share information with simplicity and honesty, and let the children know what your plans are moving forward. Experts also advise that children be allowed the choices of what to give up as this empowers the children to play their part in the family.

Quote from Kit Ong, creator of UBXED: Losing one’s job is scary. I have been talking to friends who have lost theirs. The agency that I had joined just recently announced that they were being integrated into another company, and that there was no role for me there, so I resigned without a job. I told my daughter what was happening, as she is older, it is a little easier. HUSH is an entirely silent short meant as a means for parents to open up a conversation with their children about this tough topic. I hope it can be helpful in its small way.

UBXED is a social impact platform that tackles difficult topical issues affecting the welfare of children through various creative expressions. UBXED aims to spark discussions among parents and children on matters worth talking about.

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